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17 Quick & Easy Tips To Stop Dogs From Peeing On Your Lawn

How To Stop Dogs From Peeing On My Lawn

A dog squatting down on your lawn. 

Or your neighbor’s dog peeing against your tree. Sure, dogs do have to pee. 

But do they have to do it on your lawn? 

How can you stop this?

Keep reading and discover:

  • 5 scientific reasons why dogs pee on your lawn.
  • What never to do when dogs do this in your yard.
  • The chemical in dog pee that damages your grass.
  • 17 quick and easy tips to stop dogs from peeing on your lawn.
  • And many more…

Why do dogs pee on my lawn?

Dogs pee on your lawn because it’s a natural urge. 

They also do it when your lawn is a new environment for them. They feel the need to do territory marking.

Canines also do it because other dogs have gone before them on your lawn. 

The dog might be anxious at the loud noises that they encounter on their walk. 

Or they met a new dog near your lawn. And peeing is a way to relieve stress.

This study also says that dogs pee to:

  • Defend resources.
  • Warn potential competitors.
  • Advertise availability to mate.
  • Communicate with other dogs.

Interesting fact: Prey animals also use these markings. They do it to locate their predators. 

How to stop dogs from peeing on my lawn?

You can stop dogs from peeing on your lawn by asking their owners or building a fence. You can use motion-detector sprinklers, dog deterrents, scarecrows, citrus, or cayenne on lawn edges. Posting signs, hosing down pee, and changing fertilizers can help. And you can use a camera to record them.

17 tips to stop dogs from peeing on your lawn

#1: Tell dog parents to keep their dogs away

The first thing to do is to have a polite chat with the dog parents.

This is easy especially if it’s your neighbor’s dog who does the peeing. 

Frankly, it’s very rude if they let their dog continue to do that. 

Responsible dog parents should be able to contain their dog. 

At the very least to poop and pee in their own lawn or yard. 

State laws

In some states, you can sue owners of dogs who do their business in someone else’s yard. 

You have to bring along a poop bag. In case your dog poops on the street or someone’s property. 

It’s a bit tricky when it comes to pee. You can’t exactly scoop it up.

So you can check your state laws on how to deal with this. 

Note: Remember that dogs can’t really control where they pee. Don’t take out your frustrations on them. Take your concern to the owner first.

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#2: Post signs for owners to read

You can’t control when dogs will choose to pee on your lawn. 

And you can’t make it your life’s goal to stand on your lawn to shoo the dogs away. Or tell dog parents not to let their dogs do that. 

So how do you solve this? 

One way to do it is through posting signs. 

A simple sign that goes like this would be enough:

“No peeing or pooping allowed.” 

Along with pictures of dogs doing that. 

You can stake the sign on the front of your lawn. Or hang it on a nearby tree. 

Just make sure that it’s visible from the sidewalk.

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#3: Install a camera

Install A Camera To Stop Dogs From Peeing On Your Lawn

If you’re not always at home, you can’t see if it’s truly your neighbor’s dog. 

Or whom of the dog parents allow their fur child to tinkle on your lawn. 

You can install a camera to catch them in the act. Or if it’s just a dog, you can identify the owners. 

Then when you go talk to them you can tell them that you have a camera to record who does it. 

It’s also something you can use legally. Especially if you file a complaint against dog parents who don’t correct their dogs.

But that’s not the only benefit. 

It’s also added security for you and your family.

#4: Build a fence or a wall

What happens if you’ve tried talking to the dog parents. But they still let their dog pee on your lawn? 

This can be very frustrating. Most people take pride in taking care of their lawns. 

And peeing a lot in one spot can cause the grass to turn brown.

“Why does this happen?”

PetMD tells us that dog pee contains a lot of nitrogen from the urea. 

So the moment it touches the grass, it’s burning it slowly. 

You’ll often know it’s pee when a circular spot is brown or yellow. But the surrounding area is green. 

It only burns the grass it touches directly. But the part that gets only a little pee gets fertilized. 

But back to stopping dogs from peeing on your lawn. 

If talking to the dog parents doesn’t work, one thing you can do is build a fence or a wall. 

It doesn’t have to be as high as the trees. 

Just enough to deter dogs from coming inside the lawn perimeter.

#5: Use motion-detector sprinklers

This is another way to discourage dogs from doing their business on your lawn. 

Installing motion-detector sprinklers can help you with that. 

Not only does it startle the dog. And potentially stop them from peeing. 

It makes the ground wet. 

And dogs often don’t like to pee on wet dirt. 

You can also install a timer on the sprinkler. And set it to go off at intervals. So the ground stays moist. 

Just make sure not to overdo it. As you might drown your lawn grass.

There are even sprinklers designed to repel animals

#6: Hose down spots as soon as a dog pees

This isn’t exactly something you can do all the time.

But the minute a dog finishes peeing, hose down that spot with water. 


First, it flushes away the nitrogen accumulated there. And spreads it. Which will give you greener grass, with no brown spots. 

Second, it removes a little bit of the scent that the urine leaves there. 

Most often dogs will urinate in the same spots because they can smell the scent of other dogs. 

And when they want to territory mark, they’ll pee over that to cover it with their smell. 

#7: Use commercial dog deterrent products

Flushing pee with a hose doesn’t really remove the smell.

So it can help. But it doesn’t really prevent dogs from peeing on the spot again. 

What you can do is use an enzymatic cleaner. 

Make sure that it’s safe for the grass. And it’s none toxic for animals. 

PetMD says that these will break down the enzymes and proteins left by the urine. 

This makes it less likely for dogs to pee again on that spot. 

Here are a few that you can get online:

#8: Sprinkle chili or cayenne powder on lawn edges

If you’re in a bind and can’t get a commercial animal repellent. 

Here’s a little DIY trick to keep dogs from peeing on your lawn:

Step 1: Get ½ cup to 1 cup of chili pepper powder or cayenne pepper powder. You can also add some crushed black pepper to it.

Step 2: Mix it with about 500 ml of water. And put it in a spray bottle. Make sure that the spray bottle has a large nozzle. So the pieces won’t get stuck.

Step 3: Spray that on the edges of your lawn. Generously. 

Note: You may have to repeat this every day. Or whenever it rains in your area. 

It’s effective because the smell of the peppers is a deterrent for your dog. 

Meaning that they don’t like it. 

It’s effective. And it doesn’t harm the grass on your lawn. 

#9: Create a separate pee space

A dog peeing is normal.

And sometimes they can’t help that they really need to pee someplace. 

Your lawn is just the unfortunate victim of his natural urges.

So, why not make it more dog-friendly by installing a pee space for all the dogs in the neighborhood?

This will be a safe space where dogs are free to do their business. 

And it eliminates the need for them to go on your lawn. 

Step 1: Clear out a small space on the front side of your lawn. Make sure it’s not so in the faces of passersby.

Step 2: You can do this step yourself. Or have a professional take care of it for you. Make the place more “pee-worthy” by planting bushes or some rocks along the side of the space. 

Step 3: Put up signs that it’s a space where dogs can pee when on their walks.

You may even have to let your dog do a demonstration first. Before the neighborhood dogs will pee on it.

#10: Get a pee post

This is like tip #9 but with a wooden post. 

Most male dogs like to pee on tall things like trees or telephone poles. 

Why not make it easier for them to find one, by installing one in your yard?

It doesn’t have to be super tall. Just enough for most dogs to think that it’s the real deal. 

Again, you can put up a sign that says, “Dogs can pee here”.

Or you can combine tips #9 and #10. So that dogs of all genders and peeing preferences can do their business there.

#11: Change fertilizers often

Dogs like weird smells. 

My friend’s dog even likes the smell of dead animals.

And there was a time when my friend thought that she was playing with dirt. 

It turned out that she’d torn open a sack of garden fertilizer. And was rolling around to her heart’s content. 

According to the AKC, this might be a trait left over from their wild ancestors. 

In fact, even wild wolves of today roll about in weird smells. It helps them bring information to the pack. 

This could be about the environment. Or an exciting discovery.

So the reason why dogs like your lawn so much, could be your fertilizer. 

You can change it to one that doesn’t smell as much.

Like a fertilizer made of hydrolyzed fish

They still give the same nutrients to the soil. But they don’t smell bad.

#12:  Keep lawn neat and tidy

Dogs are much more likely to go to inspect places with interesting smells.

So don’t just leave things lying around on your lawn. 

Certain things like upturned garbage cans will have dogs investigating the scents. 

You can buy the garbage cans with locks. In this way, other animals can’t get inside.

Plus, you don’t give wandering dogs a reason to come onto your lawn. 

#13: Use a sonic machine

This is a great way to keep dogs and other animals out of your lawn. Even outside of your house. 

How does it work? 

A sonic machine plays high-frequency noise that humans can’t hear. But animals with their sensitive ears can. 

It repels dogs from sniffing around your lawn. Unlike using inhumane methods such as poisoning or hitting canines. 

The machine is also waterproof and solar-powered. So it will work even when you’re not at home. 

#14: Spay your female dog

Do male dogs pee around your lawn? 

Have they come every day and whined at the door? 

If so your female dog might be in heat

And with this, your pooch is giving off pheromones that signal she’s ready for mating.  

Especially if she also pees on your lawn. 

But male dogs can also follow her scent to your house.

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“What do I do to stop this from happening?”

The most effective way to do it is to spay your female dog. 

Spaying is a surgical procedure that takes away their ability to reproduce and be in heat. 

The vet will remove their uterus and ovaries. 

It also offers a lot of advantages.

According to this study, it prevents:

  • Pyometra.
  • Uterine tumors.
  • Mammary tumors.
  • Bacterial infections during breeding. 

It also helps your pooch to have a longer life. 

Want to know more about spaying or neutering dogs? 

Then watch this video:

#15: Keep attractive things inside the house

Do you have dogs or small kids in the house?

Then chances are you have toys for them. 

Do they leave it on the front lawn after they play?

These tend to attract other dogs onto the lawn. 

And once they start to investigate, there might be a time for a bit of peeing while they’re about it. 

So put the toys or other things your kids and dogs use inside your house. 

#16: Use a modified scarecrow

Now, this isn’t the usual straw-stuffed farmer that stands in the middle of the cornfield. 

This is an electronic scarecrow that has a motion sensor. 

It keeps away dogs and other animals from messing up your yard. 

The scarecrow can even turn its head and let out sounds that repel other dogs.

#17: Mix citrus peels with your soil

This is another DIY trick for keeping dogs from peeing on your lawn. 

The smell of citrus isn’t really attractive to dogs. 

And Long Trail Vet Center says that the smell is too strong for their noses. So one sniff is often to make them think twice. 

One way to incorporate this is to mix citrus peels with your garden soil.

Step 1: Peel off the skin from citrus fruits and cut them into pieces. 

Step 2: Take your garden soil for your lawn and mix in the citrus pieces. 

Step 3: Scatter the soil around the perimeter of your lawn. 

This isn’t just a deterrent for the neighbor’s dog peeing in your front yard. You also get to have some compost to fertilize your grass. 

Note: Don’t mix essential oils for this. Use citrus fruit peels. Oils are harmful to dogs. And they might damage their respiratory tracts. 

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