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9 Reasons Why Your Dog Isn’t Excited To See You Anymore

My Dog Is Not Excited To See Me

While you’re away from home…

You can’t help but miss Fido.

But when you arrived…

Your sweet fur baby suddenly changed.

No more tail wagging or licking.

Your dog’s just not excited to see you anymore.

I know. 

It’s heartbreaking…

So I’ll help you understand what went wrong.

Continue reading to find out: 

  • 5 alarming reasons why your pooch ignores you.
  • 7 easy tips on how to make Fido welcome you again.
  • 9 real reasons why your dog isn’t excited to see you anymore.
  • And so much more…

Is It normal for dogs to not be excited to see you?

It isn’t normal for dogs to not be excited to see you. Most puppies should be glad to welcome you home, especially if you’re the primary caregiver. However, some canines might not be excited to see you due to jealousy or their poor mental health. Moreover, illnesses can also make a dog ignore you. 

Why your dog isn’t excited to see you – 9 reasons

#1: You smell different

If humans use IDs to recognize someone… 

Dogs use your unique scent instead

To Fido, the way you smell is like a fingerprint. It’s unlike any other. 

But before you find this weird…

Let me tell you that dogs have a great sense of smell

So if you went out for a vacation…

You might come back with a slightly different scent. 

Especially if you’ve gone to places like: 

  • Bars.
  • Zoos.
  • Beach.
  • Forests.
  • Mountains.

These areas are packed with many kinds of smells. 

And if you stayed there for a while… 

Your body or clothes could catch some of it.

“But I didn’t go on a vacation. It was just a quick trip.” 

In that case, Fido would still react the same. 

After all, a lot of things could affect the way you smell. 

For clarity, here are some examples: 

  • Your health.
  • New clothes.
  • Cleaning products.
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Using a new perfume. 

Now, these things could alter your scent.

But only your pooch can pick that up. 

That’s why some dogs don’t get excited when you come back. 

Fido might start sniffing you more than usual instead.

And they’re thinking something along the lines of: 

“This isn’t how my hooman smells. Who are you?” 

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#2: Your dog might be sick

Your Dog Isn't Excited To See You Because He Might Be Sick

Sometimes, Fido might feel weak. 

And since they don’t have any energy…

Your pooch can’t even show you their excitement.

But what could cause this in your dog? 

The bad news is…

Your furry pal might be sick. 

And many people could relate to this: 

When you’re not feeling well…

Don’t you want to rest or sleep all day too? 

In that case, just let your pooch relax. 

Most of the time, Fido might just feel under the weather. Especially if they recently just had their vaccines.

But if you’re still worried, it’s best to contact the vet.

After all…

There are many illnesses Fidos could get. 

And only an expert can tell you the exact problem.

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#3: Due to injuries

Let’s say Fido’s not sick. 

But they’re still not excited to see you at all. 

If that’s the case…

Your pooch might be hurting somewhere. 

And you won’t always see this with your own eyes. 

By that, I mean Fido could have an injury inside their body. Like broken bones. Or misaligned joints.

Now, that’s something you’d need an x-ray for. 

But don’t worry. 

Vets say there are ways you can check if Fido’s injured. 

For that, pay attention to signs like: 

Warning: If your dog’s bleeding, wrap a soft cloth on the wound. This could save them from blood loss. And in case of any serious injuries like that, take your pooch to the clinic ASAP.

#4: Fido’s afraid of something

While you’re away…

Fido might’ve seen something scary. 

“OMG. My dog can see ghosts?” 

No, I’m not talking about the supernatural here. Although, that’ll be an interesting conversation… 

But what I mean is Fido might be afraid of someone. Or something. 

Let’s say…

Your dog heard a loud noise while they were alone. And this made your pooch anxious. 

Even though it wasn’t anything serious…

Your dog can’t help but feel uneasy. 

Now, in other cases…

Some dogs might have trauma

If you adopted or rescued an abused pooch… 

That Fido might be scared of everything

Especially if their past families beat them up.

And that’s why the pooch acts terrified of hoomans. 

Just imagine yourself in their place. 

Isn’t it traumatizing to get beaten up? Especially by someone who’s meant to protect you?

That’s why the poor Fido won’t get excited for people at all.

In this case…

Don’t expect your dog to open up right away. 

Though, they might wag their tail for you on some days… 

There are times when their trauma makes Fido distant again.

And all you can do is be patient until they trust you for good.

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#5: Depression 


You might relate to this feeling: 

Whenever you feel down…

Don’t you end up thinking like:

“Whatever. I don’t feel like talking.” 

That’s a familiar line for many people. 

If you can imagine this feeling…

Then let me tell you that you’re not alone. 

You see, your pooch could get depressed too.

And that’s why they’re acting weird

But this condition isn’t a light matter. 

Even in pups, mental health is important. 

“So what causes depression in dogs?”

Vets say the following factors can make Fido sad: 

  • Lack of attention.
  • Too much boredom.
  • Moving to new places.
  • Getting another puppy.
  • Losing their loved ones.

Warning: Depressed dogs might end up sick. So if you suspect this in your pooch, take them to an expert. 

With that, you can figure out how to cheer up your dog.

Note: Don’t confuse depression with laziness. And if your pooch still eats, that’s a hint that your dog might not be depressed. Instead, they just feel lazy to greet you like usual.

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#6: They’re stressed

If not sadness…

Then Fido might be stressed out. And this could affect their behavior too. 

Other than ignoring you…

Doctors say your dog will also:

Warning: Some pups might turn aggressive due to stress.

Now, if you think Fido has this problem…

You can give them a massage to reduce their stress.

And you can learn how to do it here: 

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#7: Separation anxiety 

Science reveals: 

Dogs are aware of time. And that’s why Fidos can get anxious when left alone for hours. 

Especially if they’re a sensitive pooch.

Like Poodles or Great Danes.

“But if my dog’s lonely, then why are they ignoring me?” 

The AKC has an answer for that. 

And they say loneliness can lead to depression. 

Now, if you go back to reason #5…

You’d know why your anxious pooch isn’t excited to see you. 

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#8: They bonded with another person 

Let’s say you were busy for a while. 

And before you noticed it…

Your pooch already bonded with someone else. That’s why they’re not excited to see you anymore.

Now, this is common in young puppies. 

It’s not surprising if they pick a favorite person. 

Especially if the other hooman spoils them with treats. 

Now, this might bring you to the question: 

“Why does it feel like dogs only care about food?” 

And I don’t blame you for thinking that. 

But don’t worry.

You can still win your pooch back…

Even after they’ve bonded with someone else. 

To fix that, try out these simple tips: 

  • Have eye contact.
  • Keep calm around them.
  • Spend more time with Fido.
  • Take them out to walk or exercise.
  • Reward them with praises and treats.
  • Don’t force them to leave the other hooman.

Note: Give it some time. When Fido’s ready, they’ll be excited to see you again.

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#9: Your dog might be jealous 

Fun fact: Science confirms that dogs can get jealous too. 

And it could happen even if they don’t see their rivals. 

By that, it means they smell another dog on you. 

“Sniff… sniff… How could you pet someone else? I thought I was your baby.” 

Fido could be saying that as they caught your scent. 

After this, your dog stopped paying attention to you. 

Just like how some jealous hoomans would do. 

“But it’s just a misunderstanding.” 

Well, in that case… 

Your pooch wouldn’t know that. 

Even if you didn’t pet an animal on your way home…

You could still catch the scent of another dog. 

Remember what I said in reason #1? Dogs have a powerful sense of smell. 

And they can catch even the tiniest scent particles on you.

For example, your friend also has a dog. If you hang out with them, the smell of their Fido might rub off on you.

With that, your furry pal might think you were with another pooch.