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7 Real Reasons Why Dogs Sleep So Much When It Rains (2023)

Why Dogs Sleep When It Rains

You hear the sound of rain.

Curiously, you looked at Fido…

And you noticed they’ve been sleeping all day.

Hmm… Could it be due to the rain? 

Or is your dog feeling blue?

Well, get ready… 

You won’t get sleepy in this lullaby of surprising answers.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 3 scientific ways weather can affect your pup.
  • 9 alarming signs that the rain made Fido depressed.
  • 7 real reasons why dogs sleep so much when it rains (#5 is worrying.)
  • And that’s only the beginning…

Do dogs really sleep more when it rains?

Dogs really sleep more when it rains. That’s because they can sense the air pressure. Thus, when the air changes, it affects your dog’s mood. Plus, canines sleep more when it rains due to instinct. That means dogs would rather sleep to save energy. Lastly, other canines simply don’t like rainy days.

Why dogs sleep more when it rains – 7 reasons

#1: Dogs are sensitive to air pressure 

Have you seen Fido sniffing the air? Right before it rains? 

Well, that’s because they can sense the force in the sky. 

And you might wonder: 

“How could my dog do that?” 

You see, pups have a great sense of smell. In fact, vets say that Fidos has over 300 million scent receptors. 

That aside, your pooch can even feel the air pressure. 

Not to mention…

The moisture from rain affects the scent on land too. For example, doesn’t the earth smell strange when a storm passes? 

Science calls that feeling: petrichor. 

Now, all these things can excite Fido’s nose. In that case… 

It could affect your furry pal’s mood

To give you some ideas, here’s how canines react: 

For one, some dogs might bark when it rains. Or your pooch could act scared of thunder.

But in this scenario, we’re talking about Fido’s sleep. 

So instead of acting up due to the rain…

Your furry friend chooses to sleep. Basically, it’s like their way of trying to ignore their senses. 

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#2: Most dogs sleep 12 to 14 hours a day 

Most Dogs Sleep 12 To 14 Hours A Day

You might think that your pup only sleeps a lot when it rains. 

But the reality is… 

Most dogs naturally sleep longer than humans do. In fact, experts state:

The total hours of Fido’s sleep could reach 12 to 14 hours a day. 

Though, canines don’t sleep in 1 cycle as many people do. 

Instead, pups have shorter patterns. That means 1 set of sleep for dogs only takes about 45 minutes or less.

To humans, that’s almost like a regular nap. 

And now, this also explains why your furry friend wakes up so easily. After all, they hardly go into a deep sleep. 

So what I’m trying to say here is: 

Your pooch already sleeps so much. Whether it rains or not.

Though, it’s also true that pups might doze off longer than usual when it’s cold. 

But why do dogs rest that way? 

Fidos sleep so much due to reasons like: 

  • Your pup’s instincts.
  • To guard resources.
  • Protecting their grounds.

Note: Most dogs only fully rest around 8 pm to 8 am, a journal adds.

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#3: Fido can tell time

Fun fact: Science reveals that dogs can tell time. 

Well, isn’t that awesome? Not every animal can do that, after all. 

But wait a minute.

How’s this related to rain and your pup’s sleep? 

You see, if you follow a routine for Fido…

They’ll know when their schedule is changed for today. 

For example, picture this scenario: 

Let’s say you usually take your dog out to go potty. Plus, you typically do this around 7 in the morning. 

But suddenly, it rains. And it seems like it won’t stop soon. 

Now, your pooch might stare out the window. Thinking something like: 

“It’s time for my potty break, right? 

But the rain is too strong. So I’ll just sleep then.” 

See? That’s how some dogs might react to downpours.

Not to mention…

When it’s rainy, the sky could turn darker than usual. With this, some pups might think it’s already nighttime. 

And remember what I said in reason #2?

Dogs have irregular rest patterns. But they take their deep sleep mostly around 8 pm to 8 am. 

So if your pooch thinks it’s already bedtime due to the dark skies… 

Then it’s no surprise if Fido sleeps so much.

#4: They’re copying your sleeping habits 

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term copycat. 

But did you know that dogs might copy you too? 

According to PetMD:

Your furry pal can’t help but mirror the things you do

You know, it’s like they’ve imprinted on you

In that case, dogs will pick up your habits. Like your sleeping routine, for example.

And as you know, many people love taking naps when it’s rainy. 

But why? 

Here’s an explanation from science

When it rains, the force in the atmosphere becomes lower. Now, this leads to less oxygen in the air. Due to this, the human brain tires faster than usual. 

Not to mention… 

Some studies also state: 

The sound of rain is enough to make your mind relax. 

With all these answers, it’s clear why many people get sleepy when it’s stormy. 

But don’t forget, that passes on to your copycat doggo too. 

I mean, take my pup, Lissa, for example. When it’s rainy, I take naps when I can. And my dog Lissa would jump in bed to join me. 

Even though she’d already slept the whole day… 

Lissa doesn’t mind copying me. Or adjusting to my sleep routine. 

Now, aren’t dogs just the sweetest when they imprint on you?

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#5: Fidos are prone to depression in the rainy season 

There’s a condition called SAD. And it stands for: 

Seasonal affective disorder. 

Now, what’s this all about? 

Well, specialists have an answer for that: 

It’s a type of depression in people. But it’s related to how the seasons change. 

That means a person might get sad around fall or autumn. Then, it continues until winter.

Now, this whole process takes your energy away. And it might even give you mood swings. 

Sounds rough, right? So what about dogs? 

According to research

Fidos don’t get SAD, but seasons can affect your pup’s mood

Like when it’s getting colder, some dogs might: 

  • Sleep longer.
  • Eat more than usual.
  • Pick up your sad emotions.

But why does this happen to your furry pal? 

For that, take a look back at what I said in reason #3. It’s about pups having routines. 

Now, what happens when that pattern is broken? 

First of all, some Fidos might get upset. Plus, you have to consider hyperactive dogs too. 

Because when they’re bored and can’t go out due to the rainy season…

Your furry friend might get depressed. 

And what’s a common sign of that problem? 

Indeed, it’s oversleeping. But in case you have doubts…

You could further check if Fido’s really depressed. Just watch out for these signs:

Warning: If left ignored, this issue could be fatal for dogs. So if you notice the symptoms, call an expert ASAP. Only they can give therapy to your dog.

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#6: Your pooch fears the rain

Some dogs are storm phobic. That means they can’t handle the rain. 

So instead of facing their fears… 

They just choose to sleep it off. 

You know, it’s like a coping method. 

But how could you tell if your pup has this problem? 

You should watch out for these signs when it rains heavily: 

Warning: If Fido has a severe phobia of storms, it’s best to talk to the vet for help. After all, too much stress could lead to more health risks in dogs. 

And if you need more tips on how to comfort your pooch during a storm…

You can watch this helpful video: 

Reading tip: 19 Proven Ways To Calm Your Anxious Dog (How-To Guide) 

#7: Due to instincts

Finally, let’s talk about Fido’s instincts. 

If you look at your dog’s wild cousins (wolves)… 

You’d know these pups are hunters. 

While they can still look for food while it rains…

Most prey goes into hiding when it’s dripping wet. Thus, this makes the hunt much harder for wolves. 

Plus, as I said in reason #1: 

The moisture affects the scent in the air. And that could get in the way of a wolf’s sense of smell. 

Clearly, going out in the rain is just a waste of energy. 

So instead of doing that… 

Wolves would rather find a safe place to sleep at. That way, they can save their energy. 

Then, they’ll be ready to hunt when the sun is back up once again.

Now, since dogs came from wolves…

Fido still carries that sleeping habit when it rains.