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Blue Fawn Pit Bull: 9 Pros And 5 Cons (w. Photos 2023)

Blue Fawn Pit Bull

Pit Bulls have a bad image all over the world. 

With that, some may find it hard to appreciate their beauty. 

But what about the Blue Fawn Pitbull? 

These rare, charming dogs are becoming more popular today.

Will they prove the sayings true? 

Or will they show a positive image of Pitbulls?

Continue reading to find out:

  • Why Blue Fawn Pitbulls are rare.
  • 9 pros and 5 cons of Blue Fawn Pitbulls.
  • What to expect from this unique pooch.
  • And many more…

Is a Blue Fawn Pitbull rare?

A Blue Fawn Pitbull is rare. That’s because they’re made through selective breeding. And they’re bred intentionally to dilute the black gene in Pitbulls. By that, they produce a lighter black hue that appears silver or blue. But since that can be hard to achieve, the Blue Fawn Pitbull remains rare.

Blue Fawn Pit Bull: Appearance

Like other Pitbulls, this pooch has a strong-looking body. With their well-developed muscles, Blue Fawn Pitties appear bulky. 

Moreover, this Pitbull has a flat and wide head. 

Not to mention, they have red noses that match their bluish, smooth, short coats. 

That aside, Blue Fawn Pitbulls are medium dogs.

With this, expect this unique pooch to grow as big as:

17 to 19 inches (43 to 48 cm) 40 to 70 lbs (18 to 31 kg)

Note: This range applies to most Pitbulls. And don’t forget, the female ones tend to be a bit smaller than males.

Next, this Fido has rosebud ears. This means they’re semi-erect. The ear would be pointing upwards and curl in a little. 

And the reason why you see Pitbulls with fully erect ears…

Is due to ear cropping, which isn’t a natural look for them. 

But since a lot of people follow this method…

Most Pitties you’ll find have pointy ears.

“Why do they crop them in the first place?” 

The answer to that is: for fashion. In most cases, dogs like Pitbulls will get their ears cropped for the sake of looks. 

But nowadays, some fur parents are slowly moving away from that tradition. 

After all, vets say that there are unclear benefits and risks of doing this to your pooch. 

Trivia: Ear cropping was popular when Pitbulls worked as fighting dogs. It was to prevent injuries from biting each other. 

And since the age of dog fighting is over in many places, some experts find cropping unnecessary. 

But in the end, the choice will always be up to the fur parent. 

You’ll be the one to decide if you want to have the procedure for your pooch or not.

Blue Fawn Pit Bull: Temperament

“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

…A saying that you’ve probably heard a few times. 

For the Blue Fawn Pitbull, this quote also applies to them. 

As scary as their reputation could be, these Fidos are actually sweet and gentle. 

“But weren’t they used as fighting dogs?” 

That’s true, but that doesn’t mean they’ll always be aggressive. 

This pooch won’t hurt you or others for fun. And like most dogs, they only need proper training as early as possible. 

Once they socialize more with people and other animals…

You can expect the Blue Fawn Pitbull to be kind and friendly with them. 

And when it comes down to family…

Your Blue Fawn Pittie will shower you with affection. They’ll give you lots of cuddles and kisses, even if you don’t ask them to. 

“But what about kids? Can they handle them?” 

Surprisingly, Pitties are one of the best dogs for children. And that’s all because of their calm and tolerant nature. 

When these Fidos are around kids, they control their high energy levels. Instead, they typically become relaxed and quiet. 

Sometimes, they can be playful around older kids too.

It’s as if they know how to make you and your children feel at ease. 

“Don’t worry hoomans, I’m not here to hurt you.” 

…Sounds like something your Blue Fawn Pittie would want to say. 

Not to mention, these furry friends are willing to protect you. They can be alert, but they’re also ready to fight in case of intruders. 

After all, this dog could be very brave and fiercely loyal. 


Their loyalty makes them obedient. And that’s why they’re quite easy to train. Plus, they’re very active dogs. So, they’ll enjoy doing lots of activities with you.

All in all, this shows how amazing Blue Fawn Pitbulls could be. 

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9 pros of owning a Blue Fawn Pit Bull

#1: Long lifespan 

If you’re searching for a lifetime furry companion…

You can find that in Blue Fawn Pitbulls. 

These beautiful dogs could live for 12 to 16 years. And if they’re well-taken care of, there’s a chance for them to go beyond that. 

As strong dogs, they’re typically healthy. 

But of course, it doesn’t mean that they’re invincible. Vets say they could still be prone to certain health risks such as:

  • Mange.
  • Thyroid.
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Skin allergies.
  • Kneecap dislocation.
  • Degenerative myelopathy.
  • Congenital heart problems.

That said, these are some of the few concerns among most Pitbulls. 

But once again, most medical issues are preventable. 

So, here are some expert tips to keep your Blue Fawn Pittie healthy:

  • Proper grooming.
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Give them a balanced diet.
  • Train them as early as possible.
  • Follow routine check-ups with the vet.

All in all…

Blue Fawn Pitties will stay healthy and strong with the right care. 

As an extra tip, never buy from questionable breeders. Only adopt a Blue Fawn Pittie from reputable ones.

This can help ensure that you’ll get a healthy pooch.

#2: Active and friendly 

Blue Fawn Pit Bulls Are Active And Friendly

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are also lively. That said, they enjoy going on lots of adventures.

So if you’re the type to enjoy traveling, hiking, jogging, or even swimming…

This Fido can be your partner. 

Not only that, but they’re also friendly with others. So if you take them outside, expect this pooch to greet others with a smile. 

And if they’re properly trained… 

They can even get along well with other dogs too. 

To do so, you’ll have to make them socialize with other people and animals. This practice is called early socialization. 

And this training is best done while your pooch is still young.

“But if they’re energetic… can they live in apartments?” 

That’s a good thing to wonder about. And the answer is yes. Blue Fawn Pitbulls can adjust to any type of lifestyle. 

As long as they can get enough exercise outside…

This pooch will be happy to stay with you, no matter where you live.

#3: Highly affectionate 

The only type of monster this Fido can be is a cuddle monster…

So, no need to be alarmed. Blue Fawn Pitties will love to follow you around. And they’ll lick you a lot for kisses. Or even sleep next to you if you let them. 

Basically, this pooch loves affection and enjoys giving it back. 

But there’s one drawback to this loving trait.

Since Blue Fawn Pitties can be overly emotional…

Some of them could be prone to separation anxiety. And that means they’ll be sensitive to loneliness. 

So if you’re often busy or away from home… 

Blue Fawn Pitties could end up missing you a lot. 

But that just shows how much they’re attached to you. And it adds to their overly high affection for their fur parents.

All in all, this sweet pooch prefers having you around as much as possible. 

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#4: They’re great with kids

Given their bad reputation…

Most people would be afraid to let their Pitbull around kids.

But since we want to clean up that image…

It’s important to know one thing. And it’s the fact that not all Pitbulls are as bad as the world thinks.

Also, while these canine friends are generally strong…

They still have a gentle side.

In fact, some fur parents shared their stories. And it’s mostly about how their Pitbulls are caring for kids.

Plus, Blue Fawn Pitties are also great playmates for children. To add to that, some of these Fidos are even acting as nannies.

For example…

There are stories of Pitbulls stopping a child from getting close to the stairs.

So, this saves the kid from falling down the steps. And it could also show how intelligent this pooch can be.

But of course, that doesn’t mean you should leave kids alone with any dog.

That said, you should still supervise all interactions. And this is for the safety of both the kids and your Blue Fawn Pittie.

Wanna have an idea of how this gentle pooch acts around newborns?

Check out this heartwarming video:

#5: Obedient

As I said earlier… 

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are also obedient. And it’s thanks to their affectionate and loyal nature. 

Since they want to please their fur parents… 

It’s natural for them to listen as much as they can. Plus, they also enjoy doing lots of activities.

So, training could be a fun task for them. 

Also, this pooch is great at reading their fur parents.

“What do you mean by that?” 

Well, it’s because your Pitbull has some type of superpaw-er. 

Fun fact: Did you know that dogs can smell your emotions? Their nose is so powerful, they could even sniff your pheromones

To support that, one research says:

Dogs could experience emotional contagion. It’s a phenomenon that’s common in your furry friends. And it helps them recognize your facial expressions. 

For example… 

They’ll start sniffing you more than usual when you’re sad. And apparently, it’s because they can tell how you feel. Even if you hide it.

So with that…

Your Blue Fawn Pitbull can easily read the room. And with that, they’ll know how to mirror your mood. 

Thanks to this, most Blue Fawn Pitbulls are easy to train.

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#6: Low maintenance coat

With their short and smooth coats…

You won’t have to worry much about grooming a Blue Fawn Pitbull.

But of course, it doesn’t mean they don’t need any care at all.

If you want to keep their fur healthy…

It’s still ideal to brush them at least once or twice a week. And when it comes to bathing, only once a month is enough. 

For one, these dogs could be sensitive to extreme temperatures. With that said, helping them cool down with a bath is a good habit. 

Also, these dogs are low shedders. 

So, you don’t have to clean up after so much fur at home.

#7: Unique looks

Though this is already a given point…

It’s still good to bring it up once again. 

So yes, Blue Fawn Pitbulls have unique looks. 

And you won’t find this as much on other breeds. Even if you do, they’re also considered rare.

Plus, not only can it make you proud to have a strong Pitbull…

But it could also make you feel special to have such a unique pooch. 

#8: They’re loyal 

As I said earlier… 

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are fiercely loyal. 

And that means they’ll attach to you or your family. 

They’d love to follow you everywhere. And obey your every command. So, that just shows how much they want to please you. 

With that, you could leave for a few hours… 

And your Blue Fawn Pittie would be so eager for you to come back. That said, they could be anxious if you’re gone for too long. 

To your pooch, you’re their whole world. And that’s how they’re so devoted to you. 

In that case… 

You have to commit yourself to your Blue Fawn Pittie to ensure their comfort.

#9: Can make great guard dogs

Can Make Great Guard Dogs

Lastly, thanks to their loyalty and devotion…

These dogs could make great guard dogs. 

But it’s not only their great love for their fur parents that help them do that.

These Fidos also have amazing senses. 

That said, they could smell right away if there are intruders. And if there is, they’re willing to fight for you. 

As scary as that sounds… 

It’s the truth. That’s how fiercely loyal they can be. 

Not to mention, this pooch has the strength to protect you. 

And they’re confident enough to use it for their family.

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5 cons of owning a Blue Fawn Pit Bull

#1: Rare and expensive 

Blue Fawn Pitbulls are difficult to find. 

And that’s because of their rarity. After all, they’re not an easy pooch to produce. 

It takes a long-term commitment for breeders to create them. 

With that said, you’ll have two problems getting this pooch. For one, you must look everywhere just to find a Blue Fawn Pittie. 

Not to mention, there are many suspicious breeders around the world.

So, it can be challenging for you to find a good one. Especially someone that would guarantee a healthy Blue Fawn Pittie for you. 

Thus, if you do find one of these lovely puppies…

You can expect to break the bank just to own them. And that’s because Blue Fawn Pitbulls could cost between $1,000 to $5,000. 

But it could also be more than that. In the end, it all depends on the breeder themselves.

#2: They’re escape artists

Now, Pitbulls are one of the breeds you’ll have to worry about losing.

Not in the way of them getting sick or such…

Instead, they might just run away from home by accident. 

And that’s because these Fidos tend to escape their houses. 

“Wait, I thought they were loyal to me?” 

They are. But like I said, this pooch is an active one. Most of them would always want to do something or be around someone. 

Or maybe they just wanted to go and play with their fellow furry friends.

So, for that, you might need a tall, sturdy fence to keep them safe at home.

Remember, Blue Fawn Pitties are athletic types. 

With their muscles and strong limbs… 

They can easily jump high enough over your fence.

Tip: Does your Blue Fawn Pittie seem to enjoy escaping from their enclosure? Well then, it’s a good idea to install a GPS tracker or a chip for your pooch.

For more concerns about this practice, feel free to consult your vet.

#3: Needs early training

As most people know…

Pitbulls have a reputation for aggression. That said, a lot of people believe they’re most likely to attack you.

But this isn’t entirely true. 

Pitbulls could have reasons why they’ll snap. They won’t bite you just for fun. 

And to prevent this type of accident…

Blue Fawn Pitbulls could benefit a lot from early training.

And this involves proper socialization. 

That means they must spend time with other people and animals. So, they won’t end up trusting only you. 

With the right environment… 

Blue Fawn Pitbulls could open their hearts to others. And this could make them friendlier and easy to get along with. 

But the reason why this is a disadvantage is that it needs commitment. 

So, before getting this pooch…

First, ensure that you’re ready for the responsibility. 

Even if these dogs are strong enough to take you…

You still have to be brave to show them how to deal with others. After all, there’s a saying that a dog’s behavior mirrors their fur parents. 

With that, your Blue Fawn Pitbull will turn out great if you raise them properly.

#4: Prone to obesity

Yes, Blue Fawn Pitbulls have well-developed muscles. 

And you can see that easily with their body build. 

But despite that, these dogs could be prone to obesity. 

After all, they have a bottomless pit for food.

That said, Pitties enjoy eating as much as possible. They’ll accept anything that you can give them. Or consume any food within their reach. 

And it’s also why they can be highly food-driven. 

So, this pooch won’t know when to stop. 

With that, it’s only up to their fur parents to control their diet.

Cause if not, this pooch could end up obese. 

And this concern could lead to medical concerns. 

That said, research reveals that obese dogs could have: 

  • Arthritis.
  • Tumors.
  • Diabetes.
  • Skin allergies.
  • Hypothyroidism.
  • Breathing problems.
  • Reproductive diseases.

And there could be more. But these are the most concerning ones related to obesity.

Knowing this, it’s important for any fur parent to be careful with their dog’s diet.

#5: They have a bad reputation

Lastly, Blue Fawn Pitbulls may be beautiful. 

But there’s no denying that they can’t escape their bad reputation. 

I know. You probably now understand how wrong their image is. 

But even if you accept your Blue Fawn Pittie for who they truly are…

Some people might still discriminate against you or your pooch. Or maybe even both of you. 

It’s sad, but it’s a real thing that truly happens. 

They’ll judge you for having a so-called vicious pet. 

But in reality, both you and your pooch are just loving each other as family. So, it could be disheartening to hear such negative things. 

Unless you’re prepared to handle all of that…

Then you have to think twice before taking on a Blue Fawn Pitbull.

In the end, no rumor can change the fact that these dogs are loveable. 

People also ask:

How long do blue fawn pit bulls live?

Blue Fawn Pit Bulls live for as long as 12 to 16 years. As long as this pooch gets enough exercise, they could stay strong and healthy. 

Not to mention, having a balanced diet could also maintain a Pitbull’s health. 

All in all, their life span could be heavily influenced by their lifestyle.

How much does a baby blue pitbull cost?

A baby blue Pitbull could cost around $1,000 to $5,000. But once again, the price range could vary depending on the breeder.