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13 Best Dog Trainers In Denver (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers In Denver

There are more dogs than children in Denver. 

But nobody counted how many pups are more chaotic than kids. 

So if your Fido is one of those uncontrollable mutts…

Here are the people who can teach them some manners…

Keep reading to discover:

  • 13 best dog trainers in Denver.
  • The training methods used by each dog trainer.
  • Which trainers are recommended by fur parents. 
  • And much, much, more…

13 best dog trainers in Denver

#1: PAVLOV Dog Training

They have a perfect 5-star rating and 935 reviews on Google.

Also, fur parents who tried their service recommend their quality training. 

So why is PAVLOV the best?

It’s because they combine traditional and contemporary dog training. 

As a result, they have a balanced training approach. 

This means that rude behavior is immediately corrected, while good behaviors are rewarded. 

Aside from that, they’re also composed of certified trainers. 

All of whom have great skills and credentials. 

Plus, they offer two great training formats:

  • Board and Train. 
  • Private Training Classes.

Either of the two will result in a better version of your Fido.

Address1295 S Jason St, Denver, CO 80223
Phone207 2001 152
Social MediaYoutube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram

#2: Noble Beast Dog Training

They’re a dog and cat training center that has been in the business for 13 years. 

And throughout those years, they consistently gave excellent service to their customers. 

Not only that, but they also stick to their goal of making both pet and pet owners smile. 

And they do this by guiding you on how to understand your Fido better. 

Because it’s only then that you can handle your pooch’s behavior better. 

What’s more, they make sure to give you the tools you need to continue training by yourself. 

So that your pup’s development will not stop even when training classes did. 

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Address4335 Vine Street, Denver, CO 80216
Phone303 5007 988
Social MediaTwitter, Youtube, Facebook

#3: Art of the Dog Canine Academy

Their training aims to create a strong bond between you and your pooch. 

While doing so, they also introduce their training tools to your Fido.

These tools will build confidence and motivate your pup during training. 

After your bond is established, your doggo is now aware of your expectations. 

And that’s when AOD will teach you how to reinforce your Fido’s good behavior. 

At the same time, you’ll also learn how to discourage undesirable actions. 

Finally, you’ll be coached on how to continue this training with your pooch. 

Because your consistency will result in a happy and obedient Fido.

Address785 Vallejo St, Denver, CO 80204
Phone720 7109 107
Social MediaYoutube, Facebook, Instagram

#4: FetchMasters, LLC

They’ve developed a unique training approach to improve your pooch. 

Why is it unique?

It’s different since it only uses dog-friendly tactics. 

In fact, they don’t use tools that can cause pain like collars or prongs. 

What they do is combine pain-free methods with specialized handling and poofing techniques. 

Not only that but their trainers are willing to help and give tips even outside training class.  

As a result, you have a much-improved pooch.

Address19879 Randolph Pl, Denver, CO 80249
Phone720 8372 573
Social MediaTwitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

#5: Paw School

All Fidos deserve to be happy, heathy, and active. 

That’s why Paw School is working hard to help your pooches become those. 

With their training program, you get to bond and learn with your doggo. 

Plus, they’ll also guide you on how to correct your pup’s unwanted behavior. 

They do all these in a positive and rewarding way. 

So your pooch won’t feel pressured to do things. 

Instead, it would be a fun, learning journey for you both. 

Address1165 S Broadway #110, Denver, CO 80210
Phone303 5788 701
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram

#6: Chill Out Dog Training

Chill Out Dog Training

You, your pooch, and Chill Out Dog Training will work together to solve your Fido’s behavioral problem. 

How does this work?

First, Chill Out Dog Training will meet you and your pooch in a real-world setting. 

This can be at your house, a park, or anywhere near your neighborhood. 

They do this to know why your pup is acting out. 

After that, they would create the best training method that would work for you and your pooch. 

This will then turn your Fido with bad manners into a good dog. 

But that’s not all…

They’ll also help you with the techniques to keep up the good results.

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Address1316 29th St #101, Denver, CO 80205
Phone303 3901 025
Social MediaYoutube, Facebook, Instagram

#7: All Dogs Unleashed

Dogs Unleashed will teach you how to communicate with your pooch properly.  

After completing their program, you’ll have an obedient and happier pup. 

Also, they’ll provide you with the tools necessary to improve their behavior. 

What’s even better is that they’ll work on any dogs. 

So regardless of your pup’s issue, breed, or age, they’ll have their second chance at life. 

Lastly, they have an unlimited follow-up service for you and your pooch. 

Address2301 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205
Phone303 3094 325
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram

#8: Ancillary K9 Dog Training

Every dog has a unique personality and different situations from each other. 

That’s why Ancillary  K9 offers a variety of training programs for you and your pup. 

This way, you can choose a training package that fits you and your fur baby. 

Aside from that, they make sure to include you in the training.

They’ll teach you how to give commands properly. 

Plus, their classes are fun. 

So it’s not only your pup who’ll enjoy it but you too. 

Address201 Columbine St Ste 150 # 6445, Denver, CO 80206
Phone720 2392 424

#9: Dog Training With Eric

Eric Pliner uses the “Pack Leader” approach. 

This training method lets you communicate your expectations to your pooch. 

It will also make your Fido acknowledge you as the leader of your pack. 

Once this is achieved, it would be easier to handle your pup. 

You’ll also see an improvement in their behavior. 

Because Fidos always want to please their hoomans. 

But often they don’t know how to show it correctly.

That’s why they need your guidance. 

Address240 S Monaco Pkwy #306, Denver, CO 80224
Phone720 7373 916

#10: Bark Busters Home Dog Training Denver Southeast Region

Their training method will teach you the natural way of communicating with your Fido. 

As a result, you and your pooch will understand each other better.

Their training is also done in your home. 

This way, they can address your dog’s issues where they occur. 

Not to mention that having the training in your house, makes your Fido feel safe. 

This will lead to a quicker and more sustainable answer to your doggy problems.

No matter how big or small those problems may be. 

Plus they also deal with any type of doggo. 

So if you’re having issues with your Fido. 

Give them a call now. 

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Phone877 5002 275
Social  MedialTwitter, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram

#11: Ready Sit Go Dog training

They carefully design their training program to ensure great success. 

This is the reason why they’re well recommended by their past customers. 

Aside from that, their trainer, Lance, is very patient with both dogs and their fur parents. 

In fact, you can call or text him if you have any questions about dog training. 

He always responds and will even give you some tips. 

If you want to experience Lance’s dog training, you can select a class that suits you. 

You can enroll in their group or private classes. 

Phone303 868 7273
Social MediaFacebook

#12: Front Range K9 Academy

They’ve changed the lives of more than 8,500 pups for the better. 

And they can’t wait to train your Fido too. 

With their motivational training, they’ll develop your doggo’s confidence. 

This training method can also be easily adjusted to fit the needs of any pooch. 

Because all dogs are not the same. 

But they’re all capable of change. 

Address6729 W 44th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone720 8391 102

#13: The Loyal Hound

They understand how hard it is to deal with a pooch who has bad behavior. 

That’s why they want to improve your relationship with your Fido through training. 

Their balanced training approach guarantees successful results. 

So you can live a happy life with your pet.

Aside from that, they also specialize in training aggressive dogs. 

As a matter of fact, they’re recommended by other trainers for a pooch that’s labeled as a “hopeless case”. 

And they can make them better.

But this is only possible if you’re committed. 

Because dog training isn’t just a bunch of tricks. 

It’s supposed to be a lifestyle.

Address4220 Jason St Unit B, Denver, CO 80211
Phone720 4458 777
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram