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15 Best Dog Trainers In Edmonton (Updated 2023 Guide)

Best Dog Trainers In Edmonton

As much as you want to enjoy the festivals in Edmonton, you can’t. 

Because your Fido’s bad manners are stressing you out. 

But hey, take a chill pill and…

Keep on reading to discover:

  • The 15 best dog trainers in Edmonton. 
  • Kinds of classes each dog trainer offers.
  • Which dog trainers accept Fidos of any breed.
  • And much, much, more…

15 best dog trainers in Edmonton

#1: Naughty Boyz Dog Training 

They offer fun and effective training for your fur family. 

Through their force-free approach, your pooch will learn a “new language”.

And that’s the human language!

No, they won’t teach your pooch how to talk like us. 

But they’ll help your Fido understand what you’re trying to say. 

This process would need time, consistency, and a lot of practice. 

That’s why their private training lesson lasts an hour. 

Because aside from teaching your pup, they also make sure that you also have time to practice the lesson. 

So that you and your fur baby can practice more at home. 

Also, expect to have homework. 

Don’t worry though, it’ll be more like play than work. 

Address5809 Gateway Blvd NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 2H3
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#2: Sherwood Barks Dog Training, Puppy Classes & Dog Daycare

Sherwood Barks is your one-stop shop for your doggy needs. 

They offer a lot of services for your pooches. 

But let’s focus on their training service. 

For starters, they’re in the “Top 3 Best Dog Trainers in Edmonton”. 

Also, they have 17 years of experience in dog training. 

This has allowed them to come up with a force-free and science-based approach. 

As a result, their training will strengthen your relationship with your Fido. 

Not only that but during the first private session, a customized training plan will be made for you. 

Of course, this is followed up with homework videos you need to work on with your Fido. 

And if you want to book more classes with them, they have training packages you can try. 

By the end of it all, you’ll have a well-trained pup with you.

Address4718 76 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6B 0A5
Phone(780) 417-7756
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#3: Bark Busters Edmonton – Dog Training Edmonton

Bark Busters has a lot of locations all over the world. 

But what makes their Edmonton branch stand out?

Well, aside from being the northern-most branch, they’re also known for their many awards. 

They’ve received a lot of recognition over the years including

  • Most Dogs Saved.
  • Most Client Referrals.
  • Most Satisfied Clients.
  • Bark Busters International Leader of the Pack Award.

Besides, their natural training methods are very effective.

And it doesn’t cause pain or fear to your pooch. 

Lastly, it works for doggos of any breed.

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Phone780 457 2559
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#4: All Around Hound Dog Services

Their focus is on turning your pooch into a social and well-rounded Fido.

To do this, they have a lot of training options that you can choose from. 

  • Group Class.
  • Day Training.
  • Private One-on-One.
  • Overnight Stay and Train.
  • In-home Private Sessions. 

You can select the training program that suits you and your Fido’s needs.

For example, if you’re too busy, you can avail of their Day Training. 

This way, your pooch will stay with AAH for the whole day. 

And then come home to you brimming with knowledge. 

Address1063 78 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6P 1L8
Phone780-893-DOGS (3647)
Social MediaTwitter, Facebook

#5: Skid’s Run Ltd

Skid's Run Ltd

Skid’s Run takes dog training seriously. 

But not too serious that it won’t be fun. 

Through their training, your pup will become your best partner. 

So you won’t need to worry about how to control them anymore.

And of course, they make sure that your pooch is having a blast throughout the whole learning process. 

How do they do that?

With the help of their staff and their large facility. 

Your Fidos will have a good time running around the area. 

They also have a chance to meet new pups of all breeds and sizes. 

Address7807 127 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5C 1R9
Phone780 371 1187
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#6: In-Sync Dog Training

From puppy training to sports classes they got it covered. 

Because they know that each fur parent has different training goals. 

So they’re giving you a lot of options.

Aside from that, their trainers are very knowledgeable. 

And willing to share tips on how to improve your Fido. 

If ever you can’t physically go and attend their class, there’s no need to worry. 

They also offer online training classes.

In fact, it has a lot of good reviews from fur parents who tried it.

Address17555 108 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 1E8
Phone780 454 4542
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#7: Diamond in the Ruff Inc.

Their head trainer is one of the first to practice force-free methods in Western Canada. 

As a result, she and her team were able to turn thousands of Fidos into good pets. 

Now, you can also experience her excellent skills at Diamond in the Ruff. 

They specialize in behavior issues. 

So if your pooch is suffering from anxiety or aggression, you know where to go. 

Plus, they offer training packages that include phone and email support. 

This is to make sure that you and your pooch will have all the tools you need. 

And with their help, you can have your own jewel of a pet.

Address10740 a 180 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5S 2S4
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#8: The Canine Scholar

The Canine Scholar offers training classes to help you solve your canine problems. 

You can choose to have the session in your house or at their training studio. 

Through their pain-free and science-based methods, your Fido will surely level up. 

But it’s not only your doggo who’ll improve. 

They’ll also train you how to be a better fur parent. 

How do they do that?

By creating a training plan that aligns with your training goals and solves your doggo’s issues.

This plan contains easy-to-follow and detailed session notes.

You get homework as well. 

This is to make sure that you and your pooch can practice what you learned on your own. 

Address10948 36 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6J 0C1
Phone780 803 4030 
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#9: Good Boy Dog Training

Their high-quality education and humane training practices set them apart.  

You see they follow the “production training” method. 

This is the training method usually used for animals who appear on TV. 

Yet, Good Boy Dog Training focuses on using it to build good habits in your Fido. 

To be precise, they replace your doggo’s bad behaviors with new ones that are more desirable. 

They’ll also teach your Fido tricks and other amazing things. 

So what are you waiting for?

Let them turn your pooch into the next doggy superstar.

Phone780 474 4711 
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#10: For the Love of Paws Pet Service (FLOPPS)

For the Love of Paws Pet Service (FLOPPS)

Do you have pooches that are shy, too excited, or just wouldn’t listen?

FLOPPS can help you transform your pups. 

They specialize in training doggos with behavioral problems.  

Their training is a combination of online and in-person classes.

With this set-up, your Fido will train in your home at first without other distractions.

Then the more distracting in-person classes will follow. 

Aside from that, you’ll also be aided by their trainers. 

They’ll be with you in every step, giving feedback and tips. 

By the end of the training, you get to have a happier and more polite pup.

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Phone587 991 3647
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#11: Nurtured Canine

It can get frustrating if your pooch displays bad behavior. 

That’s why Nurtured Canine wants to help you out of that situation. 

They love helping fur parents turn their fur babies into obedient pups. 

To start, you need to choose what type of training program you’ll enroll your Fido in. 

Here are your options: 

  • Board and Train.
  • Facility Services.
  • Private Skype Sessions.
  • Private Training Programs.

These programs are designed to match the needs and schedules of each pet parent. 

Plus they’re all child-friendly. 

So you can get your kids or your little siblings involved in the training.

This means that your whole family can take part in turning your Fido into your dream dog. 

Address20 Sir Winston Churchill Ave Unit #4, St. Albert, AB T8N 2W5
Phone780 982 3266
Social MediaFacebook, Instagram

#12: MUTTLIFE Dog Training & Behaviour

Muttlife wants to improve the communication between you and your Fido. 

They do this by teaching your pooch the skills to better navigate the human world. 

At the same time, they’ll also make you understand why your pup is having problems. 

Then they’ll help you come up with the solutions to your doggo’s issues. 

What’s more,  they use humane and science-based methods. 

So your Fido won’t feel any pain or discomfort during training. 

Instead, they’ll feel loved and safe. 

As a result, you get to achieve your training goals and build a stronger bond with your pooch.

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#13: Freedom Dog Training & Behaviour

Your doggo has a voice. 

And Freedom Dog Training and Behavior will help you understand them. 

How do they do this?

Through their behavior consultation and dog training. 

With this, they’ll help you understand what your Fido is trying to say. 

At the same time, they’ll give your pooch the skills to request what they need from you. 

And of course, they’ll also coach you on how to teach your doggo. 

Plus, they always make sure that your pooch is safe and happy. 

Because your pup’s well-being and safety are their top priority.  

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#14: Raise the Woof Dog Training

Their trainer, Kathy, is a certified professional dog trainer. 

And she uses force-free methods to train your pooch. 

With her help, you can build a stronger relationship with your doggo. 

This is done by applying science-based techniques in your training. 

Bear in mind that this training isn’t only your Fido’s.

But yours too. 

Because she’ll teach you the skills you need to train your Fido yourself. 

What’s even better is that they also offer online classes. 

So even when you’re far, you still get to experience their excellent service. 

Address8732 170A Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5Z 2Y7
Phone780 819 9623
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#15: Dogs Allowed

They believe that each doggos is born with a unique personality and traits. 

Thus, they should have their own unique and special training. 

And that’s what Dog Allowed offers.

Aside from training your Fidos, they’ll also help you understand them better. 

Because it’s only then that you can get your pup to obey you.

Also, they make sure to use fun activities during training. 

As a result, you and your pooch have a good time while learning together.

Address10385 60 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6H 1H1
Phone780 991 0088
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