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Can Dogs See Through Glass? 5 Things You Need To Know

Can Dogs See Through Glass

Dogs have excellent senses. 

Especially with their strong noses. 

But what about their eyesight?


This makes you question:

Can dogs see through glass? 

Let’s look into the mirror of truth, shall we?

Keep reading to find out:

  • Top 7 animals that can’t see through mirrors.
  • 5 surprising things you need to know about dogs and glass.
  • 5 reasons why some Fidos can’t see via mirrors (#3 is alarming.)
  • 9 ways to know if your pooch can see through glass (#1 looks cute.)
  • And many, many more…

Can dogs see through glass?

Dogs can see through glass. They have excellent eyesight. But unlike humans, dogs are more scotopic. That means canines see better under dim light. Thus, they might struggle to see glass in rooms that are too dark or bright. However, dogs with eye problems could have trouble looking at mirrors.

Dogs and glass – 5 things you need to know

#1: Dogs see better in dim light 

As you read above… 

Dogs can see things much better in dim light. 

And to explain further, take it from this study

Inside your eyes, there are 2 parts. 

And those are rods and cones. Now, the former helps you see in low light. Meanwhile, the latter aids you in seeing colors. 

So when it comes to your pooch…

They have more rods than cones. 

And this means your dog can see fewer colors. But they could see better in low light. 

In that case: 

Your furry pal might not notice the glass when it’s pitch dark. Or when it’s too bright.

“But why do pups have this kind of vision?”

Well, you’ll have to take a look at Fido’s cousins: the wolves. 

As you can see…

These wild doggos have eyes that glow in the dark. But there’s a reason for that. 

Based on professionals

Wolves are more active at dusk or dawn. And that makes them crepuscular animals. 

Now, the reason for this is their hunting hours. 

After all, many preys are also up during dusk or dawn. That’s why canines can see well in dim light. 

And since Fido came from wolves:

Your furry pal is also the same as their wild cousins. 

So if you’re trying to test your pup’s ability to see glass… 

Then you have to ensure that the room isn’t too bright or dark. 

#2: Your dog can only see blue and yellow colors 

Some people often take colors for granted… 

Not knowing that some animals can’t see as well as we do. 

In fact, science reveals: 

Dogs can only see blue and yellow

And that means Fido can’t see red and green. Or any other colors. 

Plus, your furry pal won’t notice infrared lights too. 

So, how’s this related to seeing glass, or mirrors? 

Well, since pups can only see 2 colors… 

Your dog might not see through painted glass. Or things like tinted windows.

But despite the lack of hues in your dog’s vision…

It doesn’t mean that their eyesight is bad. In reality, Fido’s eyes are still far better than hooman’s.

How so? 

For one, a Labrador’s vision is almost the same as you and I. That means most of these pups have over 20/20 eyesight.

As for the rest of the other dogs…

Research says Fidos can detect motion better than most people.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? 

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#3: They see their reflection in the mirror 

Dogs See Their Reflection In The Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall…

Who’s the goodest doggo of them all? 

That’s right. It’s Fido!

But wait a minute, why am I talking about mirrors? 

Well, since we’re on the topic of glass…

You might be wondering: 

“Can dogs see their reflection in the mirror?” 

And the answer is a clear yes from Dr. Coren.

But here comes the follow-up question:

“Are pups aware that it’s them in the mirror?” 

The thing is, there’s still ongoing research about this. 

Though at the moment…

Dogs might not know that they’re staring at their reflection. 

As a result, Fido thinks they’re looking at another pooch. 

Thus, your furry pal might do a play bow. That means they’re asking the other pup to play. Not knowing that it’s just their image in the mirror. 

Well, isn’t that adorable? 

But anyways…

This might only work for a few times. Slowly, your dog will get used to the mirror. 

In that case, they’ll stop reacting to the ‘other pooch’ as well. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that Fido has no self-awareness. 

Truth be told…

There are plenty of studies about this idea. And based on 1 study:

Pups do have a sense of self. Thus, they’ll know when they’re looking at other dogs or not. 

So even if your furry friend can’t tell how mirrors work…

Most Fidos are still smart enough to know who they are. 

Wanna see how dogs act in front of mirrors? Watch this cute video: 

#4: Dogs react when they see through glass 

Finally, it’s clear that dogs can see through glass. 

But how could you tell? 

If you’re interested…

You can always look at Fido’s body language. And there are many telltale signs that you could spot. 

To give you a few ideas, watch out for reactions like: 

Note: Every dog is different. Thus, not all pups have the same reactions. 

Now, what if your pooch isn’t showing any of these signs?

In that case, it might be a cause of concern. 

And you’ll find out why below.

#5: Dogs with eye problems might not see through glass

It’s worrying when Fido is acting weird

For one, they might not see through glass as other dogs do. In fact, your furry pal could even run into the transparent door.

How could that happen?

You see, there are many viable answers for this. But the most common reason is: 

Your pooch might have some illness. Mainly, one that concern Fido’s eyes. 

Not to mention…

There are 7 dog breeds that are prone to poor eyesight. Namely:

Note: Earlier, I said that Labs have great eyesight. But in exchange for that, their vision quickly goes bad too. 

But whether your furry pal belongs to these breeds or not…

Any Fido is still at risk of having sight problems. 

Thus, I listed the common issues your pup might face:

#1: Entropion

Based on vets

Entropion is an eyelid abnormality. That means your dog’s lid is growing inwards. Instead of outwards. 

Thus, this might lead your pup to do things like:

  • Squinting.
  • Tearing up.
  • Shutting their eyes.
  • Having liquid discharges.

Now, this is common in dogs less than 1 year of age. 

And typically, it might happen to certain breeds, like:

But how does this issue occur, to begin with? 

Well, as per PetMD

Here are the causes of entropion in dogs:

  • Trauma.
  • Infections.
  • Eye injuries.
  • Nerve damage.

Warning: This issue is curable. But if left ignored, this could lead to blindness in pups. So if you notice entropion in Fido, contact the vet right away.

#2: Cataracts

If Fido’s eyes are cloudy…

That explains why they can’t see glass. After all, that’s a sign of cataracts. 

Now, this issue could also lead to blindness in dogs. 

So before it reaches that point… 

Find out the early signs of Fido’s cataracts below:

Warning: If you notice these symptoms, get your pup checked at the clinic. 

That aside, you might also wonder: 

“What creates this problem in the first place?” 

According to VCA Hospitals… 

Here are the common causes of cataracts in dogs:

  • Injuries.
  • Old age.
  • Diabetes.
  • Genetics.

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#3: Dry eye

Dry eyes look like cataracts. But it’s actually more painful for Fido.

So how could you tell the difference? 

First, you’ll notice more yellowish stains on your pup’s face. 

Now, the cause of this issue is mostly due to issues like:

  • Distemper.
  • Virus infections.
  • Autoimmune diseases.

Given that those are all alarming…

You should take Fido to the specialist ASAP. 

After all, treating dry eyes needs a lot of medication. And only a vet can help you with that.

#4: Glaucoma

Glaucoma’s also painful for your dog’s eyes. 

To spot this, watch out for signs like:

Warning: This could also lead to blindness in pups. So if you notice these signs, call a professional.

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#5. Cherry eye

Does Fido’s eye look bloody? Or there’s something pinkish in the corner of their eyes? 

Well, that’s called cherry eyes. And it’s common in breeds like Pugs.

Plus, it typically happens to dogs under 1 year of age. 

But what could cause this issue in the first place? 

Unfortunately, it’s still unknown. Though, vets know 1 thing for sure:

Cherry eyes should be treated with surgery ASAP. If not, it could make things much worse.

Other than not seeing through glass…

Your pup might completely lose their vision. On top of that, it can also put Fido in a lot of pain. And you wouldn’t want that. 

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What animals can’t see through glass?

Dogs are part of the few animals that can see through glass. But the thing is, there’s not enough research on other creatures as well. 

So for now…

Let me tell you about the critters science know about.

Here are the top 7 animals that can’t see through glass:

  • Mice.
  • Flies.
  • Birds.
  • Squirrels.
  • Hamsters.
  • Hedgehogs.
  • Guinea pigs.

Note: These are just common examples. In fact, many animals can’t see through glass. But once again, more research is still needed for that.