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Can Dogs Taste Spicy Food? 9 Things You Need To Know (2023)

Can Dogs Taste Spicy Food

Fidos always seem excited about food.

Especially when it’s their favorite treat.

Like sweet peanut butter. 

However, your dog also stares at spicy snacks…

So does that mean they can eat hot chilis? 

Ah, so many burning questions.

Let me serve the answers while it’s hot.

Keep reading to learn: 

  • 7 dangers of spicy food to dogs. 
  • 3 essential tips on what to do if Fido eats something spicy.
  • 9 vital things you need to know about spicy foods and dogs.
  • And a lot more…

Can dogs taste spicy food?

Dogs can’t taste spicy food. However, they could feel the heat from it. Moreover, they can easily get burned from spices, too, unlike people. According to experts, dogs have fewer taste buds than humans. Specifically, they only have 1,700. That’s why they can’t taste spicy food the same way you can.

Can dogs detect spicy food?

Dogs can detect spicy food. However, dogs don’t taste the hot flavor itself. Rather, they can only sense the heat from spicy food. That’s thanks to their powerful sense of smell. 

Do dogs like spicy food?

Dogs don’t like spicy food in general. Though, some of them could be daredevils. They’re willing to try the spicy snacks you’ll offer to them. 

However, this doesn’t mean that your dog likes tangy meals. 

You see, Fidos might try spicy food due to: 

  • Pica.
  • Curiosity.
  • Boredom.
  • Intense hunger.
  • Mental problems.

And after taking a bite or a lick, your pooch might step back. 

“Woah. What was that? It burns in my mouth. Ahhh!” 

So even if Fido seems to beg for spicy meals…

Don’t fall for it and just stick to their usual treats.

Spicy food for dogs – 9 things you need to know

#1: Spicy food can irritate your dog’s eyes 

“Sniff… sniff… wait, why am I crying?

Hey, who’s cutting onions right now?” 

Oh, I know this feeling very well. 

And if you can relate to this, it’s easier to understand your pooch. 

You see, if onions can irritate your eyes…

The same thing applies to spicy food and your dog.

How so? 

First of all, Fidos have a strong sense of smell. 

And according to the AKC

Dogs have a unique organ in their mouth’s roof. This helps improve their sense of smell. 

But what’s more amazing about this organ is:

It helps your dog taste food through the scent 

Let’s say your pooch gets close to some chili peppers. 

When Fido caught the scent…

They tasted the spiciness. Without having to take a bite of it. 

Now, isn’t that impressive? 

But this could also irritate your dog’s eyes.

Just like how onions can make you cry. 

For example…

Cayenne peppers could irritate Fido’s eyes. 

That’s according to experts, too. 

When this happens, your pooch might: 

With this, you wouldn’t want Fido to be in pain. 

So keep spicy food, not just out of sight…

But also far away from your dog’s nose.

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#2: Get ready for some gas

Get Ready For Some Gas When Your Dog Eats Spicy Food

Do you know someone who gets gassy after eating some spicy curry? 

Well, doctors say that’s actually normal.

And the same thing could happen to your pooch. 

When Fido eats something spicy…

Get ready for some gas. 

Now, in minor cases…

Your dog’s smelly farts would go away by themselves. 

But if not, your furry friend might have some gut issues. 

And that means your pooch could have: 

Now, this might occur if Fido ate a lot of spices. 

That would hurt their gut a lot. Especially if your furry friend has a sensitive stomach. 

And if you suspect these problems in your dog…

It’s best to consult the vet for Fido’s safety.

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#3: Dehydration

Eating spicy food could also burn Fido’s tongue. 

And this would lead to dehydration. 

That means your pooch keeps asking for water.

Now, this is typically minor. 

After 1 to 2 drinks, your furry friend should be back to normal. 

But if the burn was severe…

You might catch your dog sleeping with their tongues out

Or they’ll drink so much water even at night.

In this case, you just have to keep their bowl full. So they don’t run out of water to drink even while you’re asleep. 

Now, if this is left ignored…

Vets warn that dehydration could lead to: 

  • Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting.
  • Heat stroke.

Warning: These 3 issues could turn severe. So before it gets worse, ensure that Fido gets enough water.

#4: It can cause diarrhea 

As you’ve read from #2 and #3… 

Spicy food could cause diarrhea in dogs. 

With this, vets say your pooch might show signs like:

Now, these are only the minor signs. 

But that means…

Too much spicy food could cause severe diarrhea. 

In this case, your pooch would show: 

Warning: Diarrhea can be fatal for dogs. Especially for puppies. So when you notice these signs, call an expert ASAP.

Instead of risking Fido’s life…

Just keep them away from spicy food as much as you can.

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#5: Allergic reactions 

Fact: A study says that 7.6% of dogs have food allergies. 

Now, what if your pooch could be one of them?

Let’s say Fido’s also allergic to spicy food. Or maybe the other ingredients inside of it. 

That means your furry friend would face more health risks. 

And VCA Hospital shares what allergies could do to your dog:

These 7 symptoms show why Fidos should avoid spicy food.

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#6: It can burn their paw

There’s an incident in Seattle: 

A few dogs were burnt by cayenne peppers.

And the news report explains:

1 resident wanted to keep the Fidos out of their yard. 

But since they put too many spices on the ground…

It ended up burning the dog’s paws.

Some of them inhaled a lot of cayenne peppers too. 

At first, those furry friends kept scratching their noses.

But in the end…

The spice already burned the pup’s insides.

In return, it cost a lot of trips to the vets. And a big medical bill.

#7: Food poisoning 

If Fido eats some cooked spicy food…

Let’s say, spicy curry for example. 

They’re at risk of food poisoning. 

Not only are the spices bad for their gut…

But other ingredients could be toxic for them too, like: 

  • Salt.
  • Garlic.
  • Onions.

And some people tend to experiment with their recipes.

So who knows what kind of spices your pooch might eat? 

“My dog ate something spicy. How will I know if they’re poisoned?” 

PetMD tells fur parents to look for signs such as:

Warning: Poisoning can be fatal in dogs. If you notice these signs, bring Fido to the vet ASAP. 

Learn the first aid treatment from this expert:

#8: They don’t like the sourness or bitterness

Even if dogs can’t taste the spiciness…

It doesn’t mean they can’t sense other flavors.

To be specific, Fido could also pick up tastes such as: 

  • Sour.
  • Salty.
  • Water.
  • Sweet.
  • Bitterness.

And yes, you read that right.

Your pooch could taste water way better than you do. 

But enough of the random trivia…

Let’s say you ate something spicy. 

If you don’t focus on the heat…

You might pick up some saltiness in there. Or maybe something bitter. 

In that case, your pooch could do that too. 

And not only is spicy food bad for them…

But most Fidos also hate the bitter taste that comes with it. That’s why many anti-chew sprays have that kind of flavor. 

Though, not all dogs are the same. 

So maybe your pooch likes the bitter taste in some spicy foods…

Would that mean it’s okay to feed some of it to them? 

Not at all. Remember all the facts from here, from #1 to #9. 

These are dangers to Fido’s health. 

Just let them stick to their regular treats. And your pooch will be fine.

#9: It could cause IBS in dogs

IBS stands for: Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

And this condition means…

Your dog’s intestines can’t work like normal. 

When this occurs, it could lead to 2 main things: 

So it’s either your pooch will poop a lot…

Or they’ll have a hard time going potty. 

Whichever it is, it’s not good for Fido. 

Now, vets say IBS is commonly caused by: 

  • Stress.
  • Food intolerance.

And as you can tell…

Spicy food can stress your pooch out. 

At the same time, they usually can’t handle the heat from it. Which could count as food intolerance.

That’s why Fido might end up having IBS.

In that case, you can try massaging your dog. 

This might help them poop. 

But if they have diarrhea…

It’s best to take them to a professional instead.