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9 Real Reasons Why Dogs Only Care About Food (2023)

Why Do Dogs Only Care About Food

Fido’s ignoring you lately. 

Well, you have the best trick for that…

And it’s nothing but treats. 

Now, this makes you wonder:

“Am I not good enough for my pooch?

Do they love food more than me?” 

You’re not alone with these questions. 

That’s why I’m here to help.

Continue reading to learn: 

  • Whether dogs love food more than you or not.
  • 1 alarming reason why your pooch eats too much.
  • Top 9 adorable dog breeds who tend to be food-obsessed.
  • 9 real reasons why dogs only care about food (#5, #7 and #9 are surprising).

Do dogs only care about food?

Dogs don’t only care about food. Science found that many canines prefer praises over treats. However, most of them might like both food and their human parents equally. Meanwhile, some dog breeds could be more food motivated than others. That’s due to their DNA.

9 reasons why dogs only care about food

#1: They expect food from you 

Fido might seem obsessed with food…

Simply due to their past. 

You see, dogs came from wolves. And they became man’s best friend through food. 

That said, experts share their theories:

Hunting was the way of survival back then.

And our common rival hunters in the past were wolves.

But eventually…

Wolves approached a hunter’s camp. Hoping to get some leftover bones.

When the humans noticed this…

They started feeding the wild Fidos. From there, they realized:

“Hey, these wolves wanna befriend me.”

And that’s where a human’s bond with dogs began.

“So, what does this have to do with my hungry pooch?” 

Well, people have rewarded dogs with food since ancient times…

Especially when Fido worked as:

  • Herders.
  • Messengers.
  • Scent trackers.
  • Wagon carriers.
  • Hunting companions.

So it became natural for them to expect food rewards from you.

It’s almost like it’s wired in their brains.

“Oh, it’s my hooman. I should get some food soon, then.”

That’s what Fido thinks when they see you.

But it doesn’t mean that food is all they care about.

I mean, here’s an example:

Let’s say you always receive a lot of gifts for your birthday.

Typically, you’d expect the same for next year.

But it doesn’t mean all you care about is the gifts, right?

Now, that’s exactly what your pooch goes through.

#2: Due to an illness

Does Fido seem low on energy these days? 

But somehow, they seem to go crazy for food?

Well, don’t think that they’re just greedy.

You see, your pooch could be sick. 

Moreover, here’s what vets say about this: 

Increased appetite in dogs might be a sign of an illness

And the issues below could cause it:

  • IBD.
  • Cancer.
  • Worms.
  • Diabetes.
  • Parasites.
  • Cushing’s disease.

Warning: These diseases can be fatal to Fido. So if your pooch has a sudden increase in appetite, visit the clinic for safety.

From this list, worms are the most common culprits. Especially in puppies without vaccine shots. 

So next time your pooch comes to beg for food… 

Try to pay attention if they might actually be sick.

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#3: You encourage their behavior

Do you find it cute or funny when Fido asks for treats? 

Well, I don’t blame you…

Their puppy eyes are just too irresistible. 

But did you know this could send the wrong message? 

You see, your pooch might misunderstand you. 

For example, they could be thinking: 

“Oh, my hooman looks happy when I ask for food. I should keep doing it then.” 

That’s why your pooch will keep begging for some snacks.

“But how would they know that? Can they read my expressions?” 

That’s right. A study says dogs can read your emotions. 

And it’s thanks to their ability called:

Emotional contagion.

This lets them understand the faces you make. 

Now, it’s not too surprising… 

After all, dogs can be as smart as a 2-year-old kid.

But of course, mistakes could still happen. 

So when you smile or laugh when they beg for food…

Fido might think you’re encouraging their behavior 

And in the eyes of experts, this is called: 

Operant conditioning. 

And it happens a lot of times, by accident. 

So what can you do to avoid this? 

The best way to break their food begging habit is…

Ignore them next time. 

Slowly, your pooch will learn to give up. 

So stay strong. And try to resist their powerful puppy eyes.

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#4: Meat is their natural food

Meat Is Their Natural Food

The smell of cooked meat entices not just people…

But also your furry friends. 

Though, they just ate a while ago. 

So how come they’re asking for a plate of steak? 

Do dogs like human food that much? 

Well, that’s actually right. 

After all, meat is their natural food.

But as your furry pal…

Fido usually eats dry kibbles, don’t they?

And what are these products made of? Typically with wheat or veggies. 

Sometimes, they might use chemicals on kibbles too.

Now that’s just very unnatural.

So even if Fidos learned to eat dog food…

Science reveals:

Dogs still prefer meat over dry kibbles. 

After all, their body knows which is best for them. 

That’s why it looks like your pooch only cares about food.

But in reality, they’re just excited for a bite of meat. 

And now, here’s something interesting. 

Dogs don’t taste food as well as you do

That’s what researchers say.

To be clear, Fido only has 1,700 taste receptors. Meanwhile, you and I have over 9,000. 

And that’s why most dogs don’t get bored of the same food. 

But you might be wondering:

“If that’s the case, then why do they only care about snacks?” 

There are a few reasons, like: 

  • Fido likes the texture. 
  • They love the smell, not the taste.

Now that’s why your pooch seems to be so into food.

Despite not tasting flavor the same way as hoomans.

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#5: Due to their genes 

No matter what time it is…

Your pooch just always seems hungry. 

“What do I have to feed you so you can feel full?” You wondered as you looked at your drooling pooch

Well, sometimes Fido can’t help it. 

Wanting to eat all the time is just in their genes. Basically, their DNA stops them from feeling full. 

“Wait, really? How’s that possible?” 

I’m talking about the POMC gene. 

VCA Hospitals says this DNA affects Fido’s hunger.

Now, in another research

It’s found that 23% of Labradors had this mutation. 

And that’s why they tend to be heavy eaters.

In that case, your pooch might have the same DNA. 

#6: Your dog might be stressed or bored

Your dog might not feel hungry at all. 

Instead, they could be stressed or bored. 

Here’s an example.

Do you know someone who eats a lot? Especially when they’re upset? 

That’s called stress-eating. 

And apparently, science says dogs can do it too.

But what causes stress in your pooch? 

Vets say the reasons could be 1 of the following:

  • Fear.
  • Anxiety.
  • Boredom.
  • Frustration.

And as you can see from this list…

Boredom’s included. 

Now, when Fido feels that way, they might eat even more. 

Why, you asked? 

Well, you might know this kind of feeling: 

You’re walking around the house cause there’s nothing to do. 

Suddenly, you went to the kitchen. Opened the fridge and grabbed a snack.

But as you’re chewing on your food…

You stop and say: 

“Wait a minute. I just ate a while ago. I’m just so bored.” 

Now, that’s exactly what your pooch might also do. 

Especially if they’re a hyperactive doggo.

Moreover, some of them would even eat other things like:

Or your pooch might start stealing food too.

And to help your dog, you can watch this clip. 

It teaches you how to deal with Fido’s boredom: 

#7: Some breeds are more prone to food-obsession

As I mentioned in #5… 

Some dogs might have a gene mutation. 

And it’s mostly found in Labradors. 

But what if I tell you… 

That other dog breeds could be food-obsessed too? 

And I’m talking about these cute Fidos: 

  • Pugs.
  • Corgis.
  • Beagles.
  • Labradors.
  • Elkhounds.
  • Rottweilers.
  • Bull Terriers.
  • Dachshunds.
  • Golden Retrievers.

So if your pooch belongs to this list… 

They might seem like they only care about food

But that’s not true at all. 

It’s just something natural in their breed. 

#8: They’re curious, not hungry

Sniff… Sniff… 

You see your dog’s nose actively smelling the air

Especially when something’s cooking in the kitchen. 

“Oh no. Are you hungry again?”  

That’s what most fur parents would wonder about. 

And their pooch would stare at them while they eat.

But the reality is…

Your furry friend’s just curious. 

They’re not hungry at all. But the smell just excites them.

After all, dogs have 300 million scent receptors

Moreover, science also says: 

A dog’s nose is 100,000 times better than a human’s.

That’s why Fido can’t help but be curious when there’s food. 

And they might also think: 

“Wow hooman, that smells so good. Can I try some? Pretty please?” 

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#9: It’s part of their instinct

You fed Fido just a few minutes ago…

And now you’re ready to eat your own meal. 

As you sat down at the dining table…

Your dog’s already in front of you. 

Wow, they’re so fast. 

But why do they seem so hungry? 

Well, science has an answer for that. 

Apparently, food sharing is common in wolf packs. 

And as Fido’s ancestors… 

It’s natural for them to have the same trait. 

So even though they just had their meal, they’ll still join you when you eat. 

But that’s because they see you as their family. Not a part of their pack. 


Don’t forget Fido’s survival instincts 

Even though they always have food…

Some dogs might have a mentality called: 

“Eat while you still can.” 

In the wild, wolves can’t waste any food. 

Especially when it’s winter. That’s when their food becomes scarce. 

So if there’s a meal offered to Fido…

Your pooch would gladly accept it. Even if they’re already full.

Cause who knows if they can eat again tomorrow? Or the day after that? 

Fidos live in the present and savor every food they can get. 

And that’s why your dog seems to only care about food. But once again, that’s not factual.

As I’ve said in the intro… 

1 research proved that most dogs prefer praises over treats. 

So don’t feel bad when Fido acts excited with food. 

Cause, in the end, they’ll still love you no matter what.