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Can I Bathe My Dog After Mating? 7 Pros & Cons (2023)

Can I Bathe My Dog After Matin

Mating can be stressful for your furry friend.

And sometimes, things could get messy too.

So once it’s over…

You might wonder if it’s okay to give your pooch a refreshing bath.

Well. I’ve got answers for you.

Keep reading to find out:

  • If you can bathe your dog after mating.
  • 7 pros & cons of bathing your dog after breeding.
  • 7 proven tips on how to bathe your dog safely after mating.
  • And many more…

Can I bathe my dog after mating?

You can bathe your dog after mating. It won’t be harmful if done correctly. And this applies to both female and male canines. Washing them will help control odor, keep their skin healthy, and avoid infection. But be extra gentle as your dog might be anxious after mating, especially a female in heat.

Bathing your dog after mating: 7 pros & cons

#1: Odor control

Let’s talk about the pros first.

Female dogs only allow mating when they’re in heat.

But during this phase, they’ll pee more than usual. And your furry friend can even take a leak in your bed.

“Why do they do that?”

When in heat, female dogs give off a different smell.

So they pee everywhere to spread their scent and attract male canines.

However, since humans can’t detect it, all you’ll smell is awful pee.

Research found that among different urine samples…

Male dogs smell the pee of a female pooch in heat longer than those who aren’t.

But besides this…

A female doggo in heat will also have a bloody discharge. Which may smell either of the following to you:

Then a study says female dogs can bleed for up to 10 days.

However, the bleeding might stop once they’re ready to breed.

Even so, you might still notice a distinct scent around their genitals after mating.

So aside from masking their scent from other hounds…

Bathing them will help control any odor they may have.

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#2: Clean and shiny fur

Bathing Your Dog After Mating Results To A Clean And Shiny Fur

As they bleed, your female pooch will clean herself by licking her private part.

But despite that, she still needs your help.

This is to avoid dried blood or discharge resulting in matted fur.

Also, before mating, there’s courtship in the doggy world too.

According to vets, it starts when the male Fido senses a female dog in heat.

Once they find each other, the boy will be more attracted to the girl’s scent.

So the male canine will sniff and lick the female’s neck or genital area.

Like what the 2 doggos, a.k.a. lovers, do in the video below:

It’s a male Fido’s way of ‘wooing’ other hounds. But female canines might do it as well.

Thus, you may also expect wet or tangled fur in a dog’s bum or neck after mating.

And bathing them will keep their coat neat.

#3: Healthy skin

Unlike cats, dogs need more frequent baths.

Moreso if they’re in heat with a discharge.

It doesn’t only remove foul odor and blood collected in their fur…

But it also improves skin condition, as per vets. And it promotes hair growth as well.

Note: Although how much you should bathe your Fido will depend on their coat and lifestyle. So only wash your pooch after mating if they have stains. As doing it too much might irritate their skin.

#4: Avoids vaginal infection

This condition’s usually due to bacteria. 

But foreign material in a dog’s vagina may also cause it. Say dust or dirt.

So washing your pooch’s rear end while in heat and after mating can help prevent this.

“How to know if my dog has a vaginal infection?”

According to PetMD, you’ll notice the following signs in their private area:

  • Swelling.
  • Redness.
  • Discharge.

Note: The signs are similar to a female dog in heat. So monitor how long these symptoms last. It’s because a heat cycle only goes for 2-4 weeks.

#5: Comfort

This is the result of the things above.

If your pooch smells fresh, has clean fur, and is free from infections…

Imagine how refreshing that is.

Especially for a female Fido in heat who’s stressed out.

And also for a male dog who has been so restless trying to mate.

#6: Aggression


Let’s now move on to the consequences.

While in heat, female dogs undergo many changes in their body.

(Girls, you might relate to this.)

Thus, they may act aggressively all of a sudden.

Also, some female Fidos will eat slower than usual. Or stay anxious at night due to stress.

On the other hand, male dogs don’t go in heat.

They only have a strong urge to breed if they smell a fertile female Fido.

But if the male doggo still detects someone nearby…

They may still mount things, whine a lot, and act fierce too.

Thus, if you’re not gentle…

Your pooch may snap at or bite you out of frustration.

They could also not be in the mood for a bath right after mating.

So forcing them to go in the bathroom asap won’t be a good idea.

#7: Bathing can be painful

Apart from being more sensitive…

A female dog in heat may also have swollen genitalia.

Plus, she’ll release a bloody discharge too. Which causes her to groom herself repeatedly.

And this could be tiring and irritating for their skin over time.

Also, not all matings go well.

One of the dogs may have tried to run away after being stuck together.

Or, the Fidos might be of different sizes. Which are both painful experiences.

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How to bathe your dog safely after mating?

#1: Provide a relaxing environment

As I said earlier, your dog might still be anxious after mating.

So calm them down first by creating a cozy atmosphere.

“How can I do that?”

  • Stay calm.
  • Speak gently.
  • Keep the area quiet.
  • Avoid sudden movements.
  • Separate them from other dogs or pets.
  • Softly stroke them (if your dog loves cuddles).

Do you have both female and male dogs at home?

If so, keep them in different places for a while. And bathe them separately.

This avoids making your male dog sexually excited if you have a female in heat. 

Note: Never force them to take a bath if they’re strongly against it. Say if they snap or show their teeth to you. Instead, do the next tip below.

#2: Do a spot cleaning

Your pooch may not tolerate a full bath. Especially if they’re in heat or irritable.

But if you need to wash them after mating…

Clean only the necessary parts. And this won’t put your Fido under too much stress.

What to do?

Never submerge your pooch in a tub.

Wash only your dog’s:

  • Tail.
  • Feet.
  • Rear end.
  • Back limbs.

Or other body parts with stains or matted fur.

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#3: Keep it short

Even a spot cleaning can be stressful for dogs if done too long.

So wash your Fido for no longer than 10 minutes.

#4: Use mild products

Your dog’s skin might be irritated with all the licking.

Also, they may have swollen or sore body parts after mating.

So only use mild, hypoallergenic shampoo to wash your dog.

And then…

#5: Rinse with lukewarm water

Same as how you usually bathe your dog…

Ensure the water you’ll use is lukewarm.

It may burn your Fido’s skin and irritate it further if it’s too hot.

And your pooch will be uncomfortable, too, in cold water.

#6: Be extra gentle around their private area

You must wash your Fido’s bum to remove stains and dirt that may cause infection.

But that part’s the most sensitive in your dog as it can still be sore.

So massage your pooch’s rear end gently. And avoid scratching it hard while washing it.

#7: Never rub their body to dry them

Once you’re done rinsing your dog…

Get a clean towel. Then gently pat their body with it to remove the moisture.

Rubbing your Fido to dry them will only agitate them. And irritate the parts that are still aching.