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What Happened To Cesar Millan? (Updated 2023 Guide)

What Happened To Cesar Millan

When his award-winning show, the Dog Whisperer, got canceled…

People began to wonder:

“What happened to Cesar Millan?”

And up to this day, that question remains…

But I’ll answer it for you, along with more information.

Keep reading to learn:

  • What happened to Cesar Millan.
  • How much Cesar Millan’s net worth is.
  • 5 must-know shows that the famous dog behaviorist launched after the Dog Whisperer.
  • And that’s just the beginning…

What happened to Cesar Millan?

Cesar Millan continued to rehabilitate problematic dogs after his show’s cancellation. Moreover, the Dog Whisperer wasn’t just Millan’s only gig. While that show went on, he also pursued other modes to promote his philosophy and practices. 

When the Dog Whisperer aired its last episode in 2012…

Millan continued to offer his training course at $495 per dog. Which is a weekly 1-hour program within 6 weeks.

As for his 4-week puppy course, it’s available for $350 per pup.

Other than that, here are the ventures that kept Millan busy:

He runs a Dog Psychology Center (DPC)

This facility aims to train canines using Cesar Millan’s methods. 

And it mainly focuses on rehabilitating overly-aggressive dogs.

Fun fact: The first location of the facility is an empty lot in South Central, LA. The place was free as long as Millan took care of it. And he accepted that offer because his rate was $10 per dog only. Which isn’t enough to rent and run a facility.

So, during the Dog Whisperer’s profitable run…

Millan transferred DPC to Santa Clarita, California. 

Today, the facility stands in the 45-acre lot of rolling hills in the said place.

Millan is a best-selling author

Cesar Millan Is A Best-Selling Author

In 2006, his first book, “Cesar’s Way,” appeared on bookstore shelves. 

It was a hit and made Millan a New York Times best-selling author.

After that, his next 2 books were NY Times best-sellers as well.

As of writing, he has published 9 books.

The Cesar Millan PACK Project

Despite controversies against his training methods…

Cesar Millan has a heart for all animals, not just dogs. 

So, he built a foundation to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals. 

Moreover, he did it with his long-time friend and first client, Jada Pinkett Smith. 

It’s called Cesar Millan PACK Project

Among many, that foundation aims to reduce dog euthanasia and overpopulation. 

And it carries its mission by financially helping animal shelters and organizations. 

Did you know: Statistics reveal that 42% of dogs in the shelter get euthanized yearly. That data is based on the United States alone. With that, foundations like this are crucial.

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The Cesar Millan brand

Although Millan has his name in the title of his first show…

The Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan wasn’t under his name. 

So, he didn’t own any of it.

Millan revealed that he didn’t get much money from the show.

But the producers countered that. 

They said that Millan received $10 million from the Dog Whisperer.

Regardless, the story remained different on Millan’s side.

Now, he seemed to have learned his lesson when he became an entrepreneur.

So, everything’s patented into him. 

With that, not only is Cesar Millan a name…

It’s also a brand.

Among many, Millan has a line of products for dogs. 

Like the Cesar Millan Pack Leader Collar. 

Cesar Millan is a motivational and public speaker

As an accomplished public speaker…

Millan tours, mainly in the US, to give talks. 

It’s called “Cesar Millan Live!” where he discusses and demonstrates his methods. 

But in 2019, he starred in a 1-man show called “Cesar Millan: My Story: Unleashed.”

There, he shared the highs and lows of his life…

Including how he started as an illegal citizen in the US. And the way he turned his life around and got to where he is now.

Criticisms, fake news, and allegations against Millan

His rise to fame wasn’t smooth sailing…

Millan faced numerous controversies from the start of the Dog Whisperer. Which ranges from criticisms to lawsuits. 

Not only that, but some people also make up news about Millan’s personal life.

And that continued even after the show’s cancellation…

So, here are a few that made the headlines:

News about his death

In 2012, Millan distanced himself from the media. 

The reason for it remains unknown. 

However, some people had another idea in mind…

After the Dog Whisperer’s cancellation, news broke that Millan had died. 

And this isn’t just a 1-time thing…

Fast forward to 2014…

A Spanish news agency published an article about Millan’s death.

It says that the trainer died of a heart attack…

However, Millan posted on his Facebook page to prove the news false. 

And other credible news sources were quick to call out the news agency for spreading lies. 

Getting investigated for animal cruelty

Criticisms followed Millan throughout his career…

For example, the American Humane Society (AHS) called him out in 2006. 

The animal welfare organization labeled his methods cruel.

Because of comments like that from similar organizations…

Come 2016, this lawsuit was no surprise for some:

Millan was sued for animal cruelty by concerned viewers. 

The allegation was:

He used a pig as bait for the French Bulldog, Simon, whom he was training in the show.

Thousands of viewers saw Simon bite the pig in the ear. 

And there was blood everywhere…

But later in the episode, this is how Millan proceeded:

Concerned viewers didn’t understand the necessity of that interaction…

Given that the pig just survived a traumatic attack from Simon.

But investigators interviewed everyone present in that episode. 

Plus, Millan’s team brought the pig to the veterinarian.

With that, officials from LA County found no fault in Millan. 

So, they pushed no charges.

Getting sued by Lidia Matiss, a young female gymnast 

Cesar Millan has his dog Junior who often assists him during training.

And in 2021, Lidia Matiss revealed allegations against Junior and Millan.

She sued Millan for 2 things:

Being attacked by Junior in 2017

According to Matiss, she was in Millan’s DPC, where her mom worked. 

Then, she was bitten by an unsupervised Junior in the leg.

What’s more, Matiss was a young gymnast on the rise. 

But with that bite, she can’t compete anymore.

Moreover, she had to prove that:

Junior has a history of aggression

Matiss revealed that the pooch killed one of Queen Latifah’s (American rapper and singer) dogs.

However, Millan asked his staff to tell her that a car had hit her pup. 

And there were no statements from Latifah.

So, not long after Matiss blew the whistle…

Both sides settled with an agreement. Which remained under seal with the court.

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How old is Cesar Millan?

As of 2022, Cesar Millan is 53 years old. At that age, he has more than 25 years of experience as a dog trainer. And the world has known him as the Dog Whisperer for nearly 2 decades.

How much is Cesar Millan worth?

Cesar Millan’s worth is currently $20 million. 

Many ventures could be credited for his wealth and success.

His first show, the Dog Whisperer, opened opportunities for him. 

With it, he became an award-winning reality star. 

Moreover, he got to build his Dog Psychology Center…

And that place is a powerhouse of income for Millan. 

Plus, with Millan’s fame, he doesn’t have to do much to promote that center.

Not only that, but he’s also an entrepreneur. 

He has a brand of dog essentials under his name.

And with all the money he’s made…

Millan often talks about how he went from rags to riches.

When he crossed the US-Mexico border, he only had $100. 

Now, he’s worth 200,000 times more than that.

He talked about that in his 1-man show back in 2019…

As well as the 1-hour special called “Cesar Millan: The Real Story.” Which is available on Disney+.

Where does Cesar Millan live now?

Cesar Millan lives in Los Angeles, California. Since 2017, he has had a modern farmhouse in Encino. However, in early 2022, he listed it for sale. Which made people suspect that he won’t be staying in LA for long.

Did Cesar Millan start a new show?

Cesar Millan started many new shows after the Dog Whisperer’s cancellation. Most of them have the same program design as his first one. In total, he starred in 5 more shows, which are:

#1: Cesar Millan’s Leader of the Pack

This program showcases Millan’s Dog Psychology Center.

Since that facility takes dogs who have nowhere to go…

Millan sets out to find the perfect fur parent to give the puppers a second chance.

So, he tests 3 candidates per episode. 

And the 1 with the greatest dog skills gets to take a pooch home. 

#2: Cesar 911

In this show, Millan responds to emergency calls that involve problematic dogs.

The callers are usually called whistle-blowers…

That’s since the humans of the misbehaving puppers don’t report their own pooch.

So, Millan shows up uninvited and offers to rehabilitate the reported canine. 

#3: Cesar to the Rescue Asia

This time, Millan spreads his dog training philosophy in Singapore and Hong Kong.

And the program runs similarly to the Dog Whisperer. 

#4: Mutt & Stuff

Together with his son, Calvin, Cesar Millan stars in Mutt & Stuff. Which is a fictional school for dogs. 

And it aims to teach preschoolers all about their four-legged pals. 

With that, children learn about the amazing friendship between a human and a dog…

The Millan duo also tell the kids how loyal canines are.

And to make all of that fun…

Calvin and Cesar perform with 15 puppies and puppets.

#5: Cesar Millan: Better Human, Better Dog

This is the most recent show that Millan has started.

Again, it follows the same program format as the Dog Whisperer.