9 Best Ways To Stop Husky Shedding ASAP (How-To Guide)

How To Stop Husky Shedding

With a Husky at home, you probably have no shortage of fur everywhere! Can you really stop your Husky shedding ASAP? This article will give you the answers you need. Read on to find out: 9 ways to keep your Husky from shedding. When to expect your Husky to shed like crazy. What the quality …


Do Huskies Like To Cuddle? 14 Things You Should Know

Do Huskies Like To Cuddle

Science has proven that cuddling has calming effects on humans. And we expect that it has the same result on our Huskies, too. But… do Huskies really like to cuddle? Let me unmask the truth in this article. Keep on reading and learn about: 4 reasons why some Huskies want to cuddle.  How to know …


13 Simple Ways To Keep Your Husky Cool (How-To Guide)

How To Keep Your Husky Cool

As a Husky owner, you think about simple ways to keep your Husky cool. ‘Can I shave my Husky in summer? Can I take them walking any time of the day?’ You’ve found the right place to get answers. Continue reading to find out: 13 simple ways to keep your Husky cool. Some simple recipes …


27 Tips To Keep Your Husky Happy And Healthy (How-To Guide)

How To Keep Your Husky Happy And Healthy

Is it challenging to make your Husky happy and healthy?  You found the right place for answers. Discover: 27 practical tips to make your Husky happy and healthy. Why you should not shave their coats during the summer months. How long your Husky’s exercise should be to keep them tired and happy. What to do …


Are Huskies Wolves? Or Related? 15 Surprising Facts Revealed

Are Huskies Wolves Or Related

If you’re wondering whether Huskies are wolves or not, you’re not alone. This article will tackle the Husky’s origin. Keep reading to find out: How many % of DNA do Huskies and wolves share exactly. What the physical differences between Huskies and wolves are. Who lives longer – the Husky or the wolf? And what …


Are Huskies Aggressive? The Truth + 14 Anti-Aggression Tips

Are Huskies aggressive

Nobody wants to deal with an aggressive pooch.  This is especially true for the fairly large and intensely-eyed Husky. This article will explain whether or not Huskies are prone to aggression. Keep reading to discover: 14 tips on how to stop Husky aggression. How your Husky’s past could lead to aggressive behavior. How you can …


Chihuahua-Husky Mix: 13 Facts, Characteristics & Pictures

Chihuahua Husky Mix Intro

Congrats, you found it: The ultimate Chihuahua-Husky mix guide. Here you’ll discover surprising facts about this beautiful mixed breed. You’ll discover: What a Chihuahua-Husky mix looks like (with pictures). What it’s like to have a Chihuahua-Husky mix (from traits to health issues). And much, much more… Chihuahua-Husky mix Chihuahua-Husky mixes (AKA the Chi-sky or the …


Can Huskies Swim? 7 Facts, 4 Dangers & 5 Essential Tips

Can Huskies Swim

As a dog parent you want to make sure that your Husky is getting enough exercise. And swimming is a great way to exercise, but… Can Huskies swim? Here you’ll find out… 4 hidden dangers. Whether Huskies can swim (and if they like water). How to end a swimming lesson and why it’s so important …


Pomeranian + Husky = Pomsky (Yes, They Can Breed)

Can Pomeranians And Huskies Breed

Believe it or not: A lot of people wonder… Can Pomeranians and Huskies breed? As you know by now, the answer is yes. In this article you’ll discover: How intelligent Pomskies are. Interesting facts about Pomskies. What you can expect from a Pomsky to look like. Whether Pomskies are good with children and kids. And …