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11 Surprising Facts About Formentino Cane Corsos (2023)

Formentino Cane Corso

These dogs, who are nicknamed Corsis, come in 3 magnificent colors.

However, among those is a hue that stands out…

And that’s the Formentino Cane Corsos.

Sounds grand, isn’t it?

And let me tell you, they are…

Let’s find out why in this article.

Did you know that Formentino Cane Corsos are frightening but they can be quite sweet.

And there are many more interesting facts about this amazing dog breed.

So let’s dive right in.

Read on to discover:

  • The activity needs of Formentino Cane Corsos.
  • If these large and strong dogs do well with children.
  • 11 surprising facts about Formentino Cane Corsos (watch out for #11).
  • And many more…

Formentino Cane Corso: 11 surprising facts

#1: Their color is attention-grabbing

I introduced Cane Corsos with the fact that they come in 3 coat colors.

The first one is the most popular among them: black. This variation is well-loved as Corsis look classy in this color. As if the hue highlights their intimidating build.

Then, the second coat variation is a patterned brindle. It’s known to be the least favored among all options.

And lastly, the star of this article is the Formentino variation. 

This color is described as bluish or washed-out. Formentino Cane Corsos can also come with a bluish nose and muzzle.

In comparison with the brindle variation, Formentinos grabs more attention.

Moreover, you might want to know the meaning behind the name…

They could’ve just called these Corsis bluish or somewhat blue. Yet, they didn’t…

So, what does ‘Formentino’ mean?

It’s an Italian word that translates to ‘fermented wheat.’ 

That’s a direct description of the variation’s coat color.

#2: They’re very protective

Formentino Cane Corsos Are Very Protective

In the previous section, I revealed the meaning behind the variation’s name…

Now, I’ll let you in on a fun fact behind the breed’s name.

You see, Cane Corsos can be roughly translated to Latin.

According to AKC, it means ‘bodyguard dog.

And oh, how well these dogs live up to their name…

That’s because Cane Corsos are known to be naturally protective. With that, they’re among the best guard dogs that you can add to your family.

Moreover, the manifestation of this nature started in the breed’s early years.


Let’s take a little history lesson to understand the reason behind this character…

The history of Cane Corsos

Their date of origin remains a mystery. But, the breed’s birthplace is widely known…

The breeding of Cane Corsos began in Italy. These Mastiff-type dogs have just been used as war dogs by the Romans…

When the empire fell, these canines had a career change.

With their build and agility, they’re trained to be hunting dogs.

Moreover, Cane Corsos were also assigned to help around farms. Their role is to guard flocks, the property, and their family.

That job of theirs centers around the idea of being protective.

And since then, Cane Corsos are used to being their pack’s defense.

Did you know? The world after the 2 world wars almost lost Cane Corsos. But it’s all thanks to Dr. Paolo Breber. He saved the breeds from disappearance.

How did he manage to do that?

Dr. Breber just remembered seeing Corsis when he was young. 

So, in 1974, he secured the few Corsis that were left. Then, he began a program to breed them.

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#3: They’re affectionate

In seeing a Formentino Cane Corso, there might be one thing that’ll initially come to mind…

“That dog is intimidating…”

With their strong build and magnificent soft coat, I couldn’t agree more…

However, if you give them a chance, there’s actually a soft fur baby inside.

That’s because Cane Corsos are affectionate dogs. They love attention as much as they love you.

So if you know a Cane Corso, you’ll definitely describe them as sweet and loving…

Because they are!

Oh, how they can be caring towards the whole family…

And in this area, there might be a question in the mind of some people:

Are Cane Corsos good with children?

The short answer is: yes, they can be.

Let me emphasize the ‘can.’ 

That’s because there are factors involved when developing such character in dogs.

To start, every canine must have proper socialization at an early age. This is highly necessary for large guardian dogs such as Cane Corsos.

Moreover, puppy socialization is a crucial part of every dog’s development.

According to research, a well-socialized dog will be more well-behaved. 

Results show that puppies must be exposed to fellow canines and children. If that’s done, they’ll do well and create bonds with the said groups.

With that, make sure that your Cane Corsos were well-socialized in their puppyhood.

If you’re getting a Corsi from a breeder, don’t hesitate to ask questions around this area.

Ask if the puppy Corsi is well-bonded with their litter. Like these puppy Corsis playing together:

If your Corsi didn’t get acquainted with their siblings, there’s another question to raise. You must also ask if they’re exposed to other canines of varying ages.

Moreover, training can also shape how your Corsi acts around your child.

And always remember never to leave the two alone. You must always supervise the interaction of a child and a Cane Corso.

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#4: They’re high-energy dogs

Thinking about having a Formentino Cane Corso?

If you are, then brace yourself for a very energetic pooch…

Cane Corsos are high-energy dogs that are eager for action and adventure.

You can expect them to run around and jump up and down…

They’ll definitely play as much as they can every day. And they’ll do so no matter what time it is.

With that, it’ll be your responsibility to attend to their stamina. You can do so by…

Stimulating your Formentino Cane Corso

First is regular exercise, which is vital for all dogs. 

However, the requirements for such differ from one pooch to another…

As for Cane Corsos, they need about 60 minutes of daily exercise.

You can spend that time walking them, then playing with them. Challenge Fido to fetch a frisbee or see who’ll win on a game of tug-of-war.

Training your Corsi is also considered an activity that can use their energy. Moreover, such will be beneficial for you and your pooch.

Now, to the second one, which is often overlooked…

Your Corsi also needs constant mental stimulation.

To explain how much, imagine this:

You and your Cane Corso had just gone home from your daily walk.

And your pooch has settled. It was a tiring activity for them.

So, they take a nap, and you do your thing.

After a while, they wake up and start bothering you again.

Well, this time, they need another set of stimulation.


Yep…in this case, it’s mental stimulation that your Corsi might be needing.

The nap might’ve helped them regain some more energy. And as a pooch with nothing else to do, they’ll definitely bug you.

Avoid such scenarios by providing them with toys.

Moreover, interactive ones will be most helpful. See for yourself and try this intermediate dog treat puzzle.

You can also try making them play games on an iPad.

Such toys will surely keep your pup busy and maintain a sharp mind. 

What happens if you don’t attend to this need? Then it can lead to…

Doggy boredom

Doggy Boredom

This concern is a dog’s parents’ nemesis…

However, dogs’ boredom or lack of stimulation isn’t a tough opponent. 

As I said, you’ll just have to meet your dog’s stimulation needs. Exercise them daily and keep them interested with toys.

But if you let boredom win, then it can lead to problematic behaviors in your pooch.

Remember: A bored dog will make their own fun. You can expect them to chew on blankets or hump here and there. 

They’ll also develop weird habits like staring at the wall

Furthermore, research states that boredom in animals like dogs can also lead to:

Moreover, it also affects your dog’s brain and intelligence.

With that, make sure that your Corsi is well-exercised and properly stimulated.

#5: They’re the extroverts of the dog community

Almost every dog is an extrovert by default. That’s expected from them as they’re highly social creatures.

But Cane Corsos have a different level of sociability…

With that, if they’re compared to other dogs, Corsis will be the extroverts of the community.

That’s because they’re an extremely outgoing breed. They highly enjoy interactions and affection.

Moreover, they don’t do well when they’re left alone. They need to be with someone every time.

That’s why if your Corsi is your only dog…


You’re solely assigned to be their friend who’ll always be there.

And if you can’t, it’s best to hire a dog-sitter that can look after your pooch.

Moreover, this personality of theirs requires them to go to frequent playdates.

So, if you’re planning to get a Corsi, prepare for much-needed playtimes. 

Also, get ready to be a dog parent that hangs around the park while their pupper plays. Oh, your Corsi is going to play so much.

#6: They’re hardworking (and they love it)

A few sections ago, you had a short history lesson about Cane Corsos…

In there, you learned that these Corsis had a role in the family. They had a job to complete, and that’s to protect.

Moreover, they’re also trained to become hunting dogs.

Now, I repeat these as their jobs not only shaped them to become protective…

Their careers from the past also made these Cane Corsos hard working. And even until now, they bring this helpful character of theirs.

With that, don’t hesitate to assign work to your Corsi…

Let me be the one to tell you that they’ll surely enjoy it.

Moreover, doing so will help dispense their extra energy as well.

So, what jobs can you give to your Formentino Cane Corso?

It can start simple, like training them to retrieve your slippers. You could also try training them to open the fridge and retrieve a soda for you.

For a more active job, you can make them pull carts.

And if you want, you can teach them to open the door and fetch the newspaper for you.

All in all, your Corsi will appreciate anything of the like. And, of course, don’t forget to reward them when they do a great job.

#7: Their loyalty is unmatched

As you already know, Cane Corsos are protective and loving…

But they continue to be more than that…

That’s because they’re also extremely loyal.

They’ll appreciate you for always being by their side…

And they’ll do the same. So, expect your Corsi to follow you or watch you as you do your thing.

With that, I say once again that such is an incredible opportunity to give them a job. 

Their devotion to you and the need for tasks are all the reasons you need.

And upon providing them a duty, it’ll be best if they do it with you, too. That’ll make their loyal heart very happy.

Moreover, a Corsi’s goal is to please their dog parents as much as they can.

They’ll shower you with cuddles and snuggles. And when they want to impress you, they’ll surely try their best to do so.

#8: Their coat’s low-maintenance

Low Maintenance Formentino Cane Corso Coat

Another great quality of Cane Corsos is that they’re light shedders.

With that, their short and coarse coat doesn’t require much maintenance.

You’ll only need to brush their fur at least once a month. Use a soft-bristled or slicker brush in doing so.

Moreover, they only shed twice a year. Then, in low-temperature seasons, their coat will get thicker.

And aside from grooming their coat, you should maintain other areas of their body. 

So, make sure to trim and grind their nails regularly.

Then, check their ears for dirt or wax buildup. If there is, clean their ears immediately but carefully. Not doing so might lead to an ear infection.

Lastly, regularly brush their teeth as well. This is necessary to maintain their dental health. 

#9: Their intelligence is beyond compare

Formentino Cane Corsos pack so much potential.

This time, let’s talk about their widely-appreciated intelligence.

Many Corsi parents attest that their pooch is definitely a genius.

Attesting from many parents’ experiences and experts, Corsis are easy to train.

As working dogs in the past, these dogs are naturally used to following commands.

And just like they love having a job, they also appreciate learning new things.

Add that appreciation with their intelligence…

You get an eager and trainable pooch.

And they won’t stop loving to learn and pleasing you. 

AKC tells us that some breeds, like Corsis, want to make their dog parents proud. With that, they get determined on their training.

So, take advantage of this wit that your canine holds. Teach them as many things as you can…

And in return, they’ll enjoy their newfound capabilities. Then, add your validation for their performance…

Oh, how happy they can get.

#10: They love and need lots of food

You’d expect a dog as big as a Formentino Cane Corso to need a packing diet…

And you’re right, they do…

First things first, Corsis weigh an average of 88 lbs (40 kg) to 110 lbs (50 kg).

To maintain such weight, they’ll definitely need a heavy meal plan.

And for Corsis, their daily food requirement is 3 cups of dry kibble.

Moreover, Cane Corsos appreciate a high-quality diet too. 

With that, pick the best food there is for your pooch.


The rule is to read the labels. Avoid those that have harmful preservatives. 

Then, steer clear of those that are jammed with fillers.


That’s because fillers don’t contribute to your dog’s nutrition. So, you might be feeding them enough food, but the meal isn’t beneficial.

With that, their body won’t receive nutrients from those fillers. All in all, it can lead to poor nutrition.

Aside from that, there’s another risk related to your Corsi’s eating habits…

Formentino Cane Corsos are prone to bloating

According to VCA Hospitals, large and deep-chested dogs are predisposed to bloating.

What’s that?

It’s also called gastric dilatation and volvulus (GDV).

Moreover, it’s a condition where your dog’s stomach fills up with gas. Then, that causes the stomach to twist itself.

Warning: This condition is a medical emergency. If your pooch experiences this, they’ll need immediate surgery.

#11: Might develop behavior problems

For large dogs such as Formentino Cane Corsos, training is highly vital.

With their strength and build, they must be conditioned to behave.

Among many, you must teach them to control their bite inhibition. Such is the ability to control the strength of their bite.

And repeating what I’d said before, early socialization is crucial.

The amount of socialization during puppyhood will shape a dog’s personality. It’ll pave the way to having a well-behaved and obedient pooch.

Moreover, watch out for potential barking problems. Formentino Cane Corsos are notorious for such issues…

And lastly, never use force and punishment when training your dog.

If you do, your Corsi might turn out to be aggressive towards you.

And with their brawn, there’s a chance they’re going to hurt you if you harm them first. 

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