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17 Most Popular Dog Websites In The World (Updated 2023)

Most Popular Dog Websites

As a dog lover… 

It’s essential you provide the best care to your fur babies.  

So, I compiled a list of popular websites useful to fellow dog parents.

And do you want to know the exciting part?

Some mediums are cool enough to let you build your furry friends’ profiles online. 

Read to find out more about:  

  • 7 top-rated online dog training sites.
  • 3 go-to online stores for your pets’ everyday needs.
  • 7 reliable websites for canine welfare and breeding.
  • And many more…

17 most popular dog websites

#1: American Kennel Club (AKC)

AKC aims to uphold the highest standards for the welfare of purebred dogs. 

Their content seeks to educate, engage, and empower dog owners. 

Their website has sections for the following:  

  • Breed selections.
  • Products and services.
  • Sporting events and club delegations.
  • Experts’ advice on health, training, and nutrition.

The team behind this non-profit organization strongly believes in: 

  • Advancing purebred dogs’ breeding. 
  • Providing a registry for purebred dogs.
  • Encouraging responsible dog ownership.
  • Safeguarding canine health and well-being.
  • Advocating the advancement of dog sports.

#2: MSPCA-Angell

“Kindness and care for animals.”

This is MSPCA-Angell’s tagline when you visit their website.

They ensure dogs are provided with hands-on protection and veterinary medicine.

Plus, you can do the following on their website: 

  • Avail veterinary services.
  • View adoption programs.
  • Support animal advocacy.
  • Report an act of dog cruelty.

Moreover, MSPCA-Angell has produced:

  • Disaster preparedness resources.
  • Materials for animal poison control.
  • Animal behavior and training classes.

#3: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

This non-profit organization, established in 1866, vows to represent abused animals worldwide. 

Visit their site to know more about:

  • Grooming tips.
  • Nutrition hacks.
  • Health and behavior advice.
  • Diseases and health conditions. 

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#4: Pet Finder

Research raised brilliant points about having fluffy buddies. 

So adopting a new pooch actually gives many health benefits

They can be a great source of comfort and support to us.

And this online database answers your dream of becoming a fur parent. 

If you’re ready to share your home with your new best friend…

Pet Finder has videos that will guide you through the entire process of adoption.

#5: Puppyhood by Purina

If you have a new puppy, Puppyhood by Purina is a great resource for dog parents.

They have guides to help you build your relationship with your fur baby, such as:

  • Grooming hacks.
  • Effective training techniques.
  • Fun and engaging dog exercises.
  • Credible experts’ advice on dog ownership.

If you’re a new dog parent, check this video to get a glimpse of how bringing your pooch to work can brighten up your day: 

#6: Dog Breed Info Center

Their website aims to educate and provide resources about the different dog breeds. 

They focus on understanding your pooch’s behavior. And how they interact with humans and other animals.  

Dog Breed Info Center primarily offers:

  • Dog training guides.
  • Natural dog behaviors.
  • Advice for new fur parents.
  • Thoughts from experienced dog owners.

Plus, their website is interactive too.

They have dog quizzes and allow public posting about their pooches. 

#7: Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

It’s always a joy seeing our four-legged companion learn something new. 

However, looking for a suitable dog trainer can be challenging. 

These professionals must have the following qualities:

  • Excellent communication skills. 
  • Patient, confident,  and calm in nature.
  • Strong understanding of dog behavior.
  • Experienced in handling different breeds.
  • Knowledgeable of various techniques and training cases.

And this is where CCPDT comes in. 

Since 2001, the organization has produced and certified thousands of professional dog trainers. 

Moreover, their website is user-friendly…

Making it easy for you to access the information you’re looking for. 

It contains everything you need to know before hiring a professional dog trainer. And if you want to undergo training sessions to get your certification. 

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#8: Fenzi Dog Sports Academy (FDSA)

Study shows that negative training methods cause long-term damage to our fur babies.

And since I’ve mentioned in the previous section the challenge of hiring the right dog trainer… 

Do you know that there’s an online school for dog sport competitors?

The Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is meant to provide top-notch comprehensive programs.

These prepare your dogs to unleash their full potential at all levels. 

If you see that your dogs can compete, you might find this page useful.

It matters that we choose an academy that provides a positive method of training.

#9: American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior (AVSAB) 

This organization centers on two things:

  • Improving the animals’ quality of life.
  • Strengthening the relationship between pet parents and their furry friends. 

Moreover, the AVSAB community brings together researchers and veterinarians to produce fact-based information. 

Thus, allowing members and non-members to access resources, like:

  • Case studies.
  • Position statements.
  • Symposiums, lectures, and conferences.

#10: Veterinary Partner

Veterinary Partner Website

This page is for fur parents who love the science behind their pooches’ interaction with them.  

Veterinary partner started their cause 30 years ago.

And their main goal is to build an online library for:

  • Vet students.
  • Veterinarians.
  • Animal lovers. 
  • Professional researchers. 

The resources these professionals produce can help you raise your well-loved pooch. 

Some of the materials they published tackle:

  • Drug toxicities.
  • Care and breeding.
  • Diseases and health conditions.
  • Dog’s sociability and aggressiveness.

Vet websites give fur parents peace of mind, and remote veterinarian Dr. Hannah Lau agreed to this. 

Although these sites can’t diagnose or prescribe meds for dogs… 

Fur parents can learn from their resources about health issues or parasite prevention. 

#11: The Wildest

This website provides you with fun yet essential knowledge you need for your fur babies, such as:

  • Training guides.
  • Dog nutrition information.
  • Grooming and maintenance.
  • Shopping ideas for fur babies. 
  • Health and wellness advice from specialists.

#12: Bark Box

If you want to spoil your dogs…

Or buy them the best gifts….

You will enjoy browsing what Bark Box has to offer. 

They offer customizable treats and goodies for your pooches. 

Subscribe to them monthly to avail themed toys and treats for your woofer. 

Speaking of goodies…

Do you wonder how your pooches recognize their favorite toys?

Well, dogs have a “multi-modal mental image, ” a 2022 journal revealed. 

This means Fidos use the object’s smell and form to identify their favorite plaything. 

So don’t get surprised if they always find that toy wherever you hide it. 

Moreover, Bark Box is an interactive website. 

It lets you build a profile for your dog… 

As if it’s their very own social media platform. 

#13: Chewy

 Are you looking for toys, food supplies, or medicine?

Chewy is the best website for your loyal companion’s everyday needs.

It earned the reputation of excellent customer service. 

Moreover, they’re known to be innovative with the products and services they offer.

During the pandemic, they made a significant, bold move:

The launch of their company’s veterinary telemedicine.

This connects you to vets for virtual consultations.

And you will get:

  • Personalized consultation report.
  • Immediate response to your questions.
  • Curated suggestions for your dog’s needs.  

So, if you want to shop for your dogs and other fur babies…

Chewy offers deals for you to enjoy.

#14: Bring Fido

I always applaud businesses that open their doors to animals. 

I mean, that’s a different level of service. 

This is why Bring Fido offers a database of animal-friendly establishments. 

So, before planning for a trip with your dogs…

It’s a great help to check their website first. 

Bring Fido shows detailed information on places that allow dogs on their premises. 

Note: Though traveling with your fur buddy sounds fun, their welfare is a priority. Experts revealed that younger dogs experience motion sickness more than adults. So, never leave their side during the entire journey.

#15: Rover

If you need to go somewhere without your dog…

Rover is the answer to your problem. 

This website will help you find a suitable and trusted fur babysitter. 

Plus, they have affordable services for your dogs, like. 

  • Walking.
  • House sitting.
  • Drop-in visits.
  • Doggy daycare.
  • In-home boarding.
  • Private and virtual training.

Plus,  you can also request personalized care packages. 

#16: Patricia Mcconnell

Patricia McConnell, Ph.D. provides seminars and talks for dog lovers. 

As a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB), she shares information to improve human and animals relationship.  

You can access the following materials on her site:

  • Books on dog training.
  • Blogs on solving behavior problems.
  • Videos on canine health and behavior.

And if you want to meet her in person, you can check out the events section of the page. 

#17: Cesar’s way

From one canine expert to another… 

Cesar Millan is a Mexican-American dog behaviorist with 25 years of experience. 

You might have heard of him because of his widely-known television series. 

His training courses assist dog owners in strengthening their bond with their pooch. 

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