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13 Cute Dog Websites With Adorable Photos & Tips (2023)

Cute Dog Websites

Dogs are stress relievers. 

They can give you the sweetest smiles. 

And when they make those silly looks…

It’s enough to make us feel better from whatever we’re going through. 

So to lighten up your day… 

Here are my top picks for cute dog websites. 

Continue reading to find out:

  • Unseen hilarious woofer videos.
  • Candid images of the cutest dogs on the web.
  • 13 fun dog websites (with cute photos and tips). 
  • And a whole lot more…

13 cute dog websites

#1: Open Puppies  

This website can be a good source of happy hormones. 

Plus, Open Puppies contains endless GIFs of adorable dogs. 

And you’ll laugh at their: 

  • Lovable family interactions.
  • Funny facial expressions caught on cam. 
  • Unguarded moments with their fellow pooch. 

To help you with navigating the site…

When browsing using a desktop, click the “Space” tab. 

While on mobile, you can just tap the screen. 

If you want to share relatable graphics with fellow fur parents…

Selecting the “Get this GIF” button at the lower corner of the page will do the trick.

Moreover, Open Puppies also allows you to post your own pooch’s funny antics. 

You may submit it by clicking the “Add a puppy” option. 

So, if you’re feeling down, check out this page. 

It never disappoints. 

#2: Cuteness

Dogs can melt any heart when they do their signature puppy eyes.

Moreover, a study revealed that their eyebrows are another factor that makes them so cute. 

Hence, people are usually endeared when it comes to watching puppy videos. 

And this website definitely makes the list. 

Aside from having in-fur-mation about weird dog habits and adoption guides… 

Cuteness also contains:

  • Dorky dog photos.
  • Lovable pooches on wheels. 
  • Blogs and narratives about dogs. 

You can sign up for their newsletters if you want to stay updated with their content. 

#3: The Dodo 

This New York-based company focuses on featuring animal stories.

In fact, they offer content that’s compelling and visually entertaining. 

Their website is easily accessible with its efficient sorting system…

Enough to make it shareable for everybody to enjoy.

The Dodo publishes inspiring and adorable videos of dogs. 

Here’s one with over 30M views:  

#4: Dog Of The Day 

Every dog is special. 

And it matters that we celebrate each one of them. 

Dog of the Day is a website that showcases inspiring dog stories.

They give you the option to submit your pooch’s story. 

So if you want to share your fur babies’ adorable photos… 

And tell the world how they changed your life… 

Check out this heartwarming site. 

#5: I Can Has Cheezburger

If you find the need for a hearty laugh… 

This website has your back. 

I Can Has Cheezburger contains hilarious memes of doggos. 

Plus, funny canine GIFs to watch all day. 

Because of the site’s popularity,  it receives an average of 500 submissions daily. 

So, don’t get surprised if you see photos of dogs:

  • Taking cute selfies. 
  • Photobombing the Pope.
  • Wearing outrageous outfits.
  • Co-piloting with their fur parent.

#6: Dog Shaming 

This site is a caught-in-the-act collection of Fidos all over the world. 

Although the name may seem to pose a negative description… 

The website showcases the candid bond between dog parents and their fur babies.

It doesn’t aim to shame our woofers at all.

Usually, dog parents will submit a photo of their pooch with a signage. Which describes a regrettable activity their canine is up to. 

For example, you’ll read one that says:

I steal cookies from someone’s trick-or-treat bags and run away.

The sign can either be seen hung on their neck or placed next to them. 

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#7: Best Puppy

They claim to be the ‘coolest dog site on the planet.’

The Best Puppy website uses a creative theme: 

They have cartoon-like images to attract their audiences to browse. 

Aside from having the cutest set of puppy photos, they have other content for fur parents to enjoy, like: 

  • Grooming essentials.
  • Food and diet guides.
  • Dog breeding information.
  • Blog posts about outdoor supplies and furniture. 

#8: Doge Weather

Doge Weather

“Hey, Fido, do you think it’ll rain today?”

Doge Weather is an interactive forecasting website and mobile application developed in 2014.

It lets you change your location on your desktop… 

As well as the temperature feature (Celsius and Fahrenheit) on mobile.  

This website also allows you to tweet the weather condition in your city. Which you can easily share with other fur parents in different parts of the globe. 

#9: Funny Dog World

You better check this site now. 

Funny Dog World gives you a daily dose of cuteness overload doggo photos.

Their gallery is filled with the funniest dogs on the web.

If you wish to share your candid photos so everyone can see how adorable your fur buddy is…

Submit them now and be part of today’s photo selection. 

#10: Dog Breath Photography

Do you know that staring at dog photos can increase your productivity, too?

Research proved people’s performance improved after viewing cute dog images.

Dog Breath Photography’s website is the perfect collection of photogenic snaps of Fido. 

They offer a deep take on dogs involving the human relationship. 

The owner of the website, Kaylee,  is a self-confessed “dogtographer.” 

She uses her page to document stories of dogs through her camera. 

Moreover, she draws inspiration from the joy and candid spirits of canines.

Hence, the creative vision is clear in her works. 

#11: Carli Davidson

Caught in the act. 

This is how I describe Carli Davidson’s page for dogs. 

She captures impressive live-action photos of our furry friends.

Not to mention, she is a wildlife and animal care champion for over 7 years.

Carli’s also Design for Health’s creative director and author. 

Some of her books about dogs include:

  • Shake.
  • Lick Dogs.
  • Shake puppies.
  • Heads and Tales.
  • Top Dog: And Other Doggone Delightful Expressions.

So, if you want to book her for a photography session with your dog… 

Check out her page. 

#12: Andy Biggar

Andy is a dog photographer who believes that our dogs deserve the best in everything… 

Including a fancy photo. 

For over 13 years, he created a community of dog lovers and photographers.

His website caters to dog photographs and offers: 

  • Blogs and guides.
  • Online training courses.
  • Dog photographer packages.
  • Master classes in photography.  

And if you want to know more about Andy Biggar’s team, go check out their website.  

#13: Awkward Family Photos 

When we share our space with our pooch, they instantly become members of our family. 

Not to mention, they have their own furtrait next to our family photos.

And most of the time, dogs steal the show with their hilarious actions.  

Awkward Family Photos is a website that keeps a photo collection of these strange but funny moments. 

Check out this website and witness different scene-stealing dogs in pictures. 

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