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Akita vs Pitbull: Who Would Win In a Fight? (Updated 2023)

Akita VS Pitbull

Out of many strong breeds out there…

Akitas and Pitbulls stand out. 

But when it comes down to a fight between these 2…

Who would come out victorious? 

Well, you’re about to meet the real canine champion.

Keep reading to find out: 

  • Who would win in a fight of Akitas vs Pitbulls.
  • 7 amazing differences between these two strong breeds.
  • 3 surprising things you need to know about Akitas and Pitbulls.
  • And that’s just the beginning…

Akita vs Pitbull: Who would win in a fight?

In a fight between Akitas vs Pitbulls, the former often wins. 

However, it won’t always be an easy battle. 

I mean, Pitties won’t give up quickly. Plus, both dogs are willing to fight to the death… 

Especially when it comes to protecting their families.

But what makes an Akita overpower a Pitbull?

Well, find out more about those facts below.

Differences between Akita and Pitbulls

#1: Their size 

Pitbulls are smaller than American or Japanese Akitas. 

And that alone gives the latter a fighting advantage.

But first, let me tell you that Pitbull is an umbrella term. 

That means there are other dogs that fall under this breed.

Here’s the list of recognized Pitties today: 

  • American Bully.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier.
  • American Pitbull Terrier (APBT).
  • American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Now, why am I telling you this? 

That’s because each Pitbull has varying sizes. 

And in this case, the APBT is the tallest of their 4 relatives. 

But here’s the thing…

Out of all Pitbulls, Akitas are still bigger than them. 

Check out the table below as a reference:

Akita22 to 27 in (58 to 70 cm)50 to 63 lbs (23 to 29 kg)
Pitbull13 to 21 in (33 to 53 cm)24 to 132 lbs (11 to 60 kg)

With this size gap… 

Akitas clearly have the high ground. 

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#2: Their running speed

Akita Running Speed

Both Pitbulls and Akitas are athletic dogs. 

But during a fight…

Strength isn’t always the answer. And agility is also vital. 

That said, Akitas have a running speed of 45 mph (72 kph). 

But what about Pitbulls?

Well, an Akita’s still faster than them.

That’s because Pits can only run as far as 25 to 30 mph (40 to 48 kph).

With this, even a German Shepherd can outrun a Pittie

So, if you’re looking for a race fight…

A Pitbull won’t beat an Akita. 

And even if you’re talking about a real, fierce battle: 

Akitas can still outdo a Pitbull. 

After all, having more speed lets you strike first. 

#3: Akitas have a higher bite force

I did say that strength isn’t everything in #2. 

However, in this case…

Pitbulls still can’t match an Akita’s power. And I’m referring to how strong the latter can bite

But just how potent can Akitas be? 

Well, these Fidos have a bite force of 350 to 400 PSI. 

And based on science, PSI is a term that means:

Pound force per square inch. 

That aside, let’s not forget about Pitbulls. 

You see, these dogs have a bite force of 240 to 330 PSI. 

With this, an Akita’s bite will surely hurt a Pittie even more.

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#4: Their fighting history

Both Pitbulls and Akitas are fighting dogs. 

But before you can decide which 1 is better than the other…

Let’s talk a bit about their history first.

So, I’ll start with the ancient Akitas. 

As the name implies, Akitas came from Japan. And they’ve been around since the 1600s.

Now, according to a journal:

Akitas were popular mates of samurais. That means these brave dogs joined them in wars. 

Plus, even during the peaceful era…

Akitas still helped their humans hunt for food. 

But do you know what’s more interesting? The AKC states that:

Akitas were treated as royal dogs

At some point, only the imperial family could raise these pups. 

With that, Akitas had the duty of guarding royalties. 

Some of these Fidos were trained as best as they could. 

But as the age of war came to an end…

Breeders just used Akitas for dog fighting instead.

Now, let’s compare them to Pitbulls.

Research claims that Pitties have been around since the 1800s. Though, Pitbulls could’ve existed longer than that. 

But the point is, these dogs aren’t as old as Akitas. 

Despite that, the 2 pups still share a few things in common.

For example, as the breed name implies…

Pitbulls were bred for bull baiting 

Which means these Fidos lure out animals like:

Vets say that Pitties bite hard to hold their target. And this helps humans hunt for food.

That’s why this pup has a high prey drive. Just like Akitas. 

Though, like other hunting dogs… 

Pitbulls became fighters instead. And that’s where Pits dominated even more. 

But the thing is: 

In Japan, Akitas are also top dog fighters. In fact, they were champions too. 

So, with the long history of Akitas and Pitties…

The former still wins in a fight with the latter.

After all, Akitas have more experience compared to Pitbulls. 

“But rookies can beat pros too.” 

That’s a good point.

But once again, it won’t be easy for a Pitbull to beat an Akita.

For one, Pitties have to be stronger and faster than Akitas.

And if you need an example of their fight… 

Just check out the clip below.

Warning: This graphic video involves an animal attack. 

Here, the Akita patiently waits for the Pitbull. Then, the former used their power and speed to easily beat the latter. 

#5: Akitas receive proper training more than Pitbulls

Science reveals that: 

Dogs mimic their fur parents. And not just in actions. But Fidos will copy your personality too. 

Now, how’s this related to an Akita and a Pit’s fight? 

If you recall what I said in fact #4: 

Akitas are royal dogs. Plus, they joined samurais in the war too. 

And do you know what Japanese people are known for? 

Well, they’re popular for their discipline. 

Basically, that trait is already part of their culture. 

Moreover, it’s something the Japanese are proud of. 

So, it’s no wonder that Akitas are also disciplined. 

And thanks to that, these Fidos receive proper training too. 

That means they tend to be easier to control. Unlike Pitbulls. 

Note: This isn’t meant to put Pits in a bad light. 

The thing is… 

Many Pitbulls today are still used for illegal dog fights

And most of them are also raised by unethical breeders. 

Plus, don’t forget the bad reputation of Pits. It puts them in worse conditions too. 

Which isn’t fair to the pooch at all.

As a result, these poor Fidos are often badly abused. Or used for the wrong reasons. 

Due to that, many Pitbulls lack proper training. Regardless if it’s about fighting. Or socialization skills. 

Sadly, some of these pups know nothing but being fierce

So, when it comes down to a fight with the well-trained Akitas…

Untrained Pitbulls might quickly lose. 

But once again, not all Pits are like this. And many fur parents rescue Pitbulls from bad environments. 

With that…

It will take time for some (not all) Pitties to be like their good fur parents.

And in the end, the lesson is: any dog breed needs proper training.

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#6: Tolerance for cold weather

In a fight between Akitas and Pitbulls…

You have to consider the climate too. 

For example, if these 2 Fidos fight in cold weather: 

Akitas clearly have an advantage. 

I mean, these pups have long, dense fur. Plus, Akitas have a thick undercoat too. 

After all… 

These dogs came from the snowy mountains of Akita, Japan.

Meanwhile, Pitbulls have very short fur. 

However, this might change if your Pittie is a crossed breed. Like PitChis, for example. 

Anyway, let’s say an Akita and a Pit fight out in the snow. 

The cold will weaken a Pitbull. 

To give you an idea:

Pits can’t stay out if the temperature’s below 50°F (10°C)

But what if the weather’s the opposite?

Well, a Pitbull might have a winning chance. 

You see, a temperature of 75°F (24°C) is already hot for Akitas.

Meanwhile, Pitties can still tolerate that heat level. 

At least, it’s better than what most Akitas can do. 

#7: Pitbulls have docked tails

I’m sure you noticed this in many Pits. 

However, vets think this method is unnecessary. After all, cropping only puts the pup through pain. 

In fact, there are no proven health benefits of doing this to your dog. 

Though, if it’s about fighting…

That’s the only time that tail docking might come in handy. 

Now, since most Pitties have their tails cropped… 

An Akita has 1 less body part they can bite on Pitbulls. 

Basically, an enemy can’t grab onto a Pit’s tail. Especially when there’s nothing to hold in the first place.

Meanwhile, Akitas always have thick, curved tails. 

So, during a fight: 

A Pittie can easily grab onto an Akita’s tail. And that body part’s sensitive to pain in dogs. 

When that happens, the former might have a chance to win a fight vs the latter.

Are Akitas fighting dogs?

Akitas are fighting dogs. And they started battling as early as the 16th century. 

But before they became fighters…

Akitas were also famous as samurai companions. I mean, these pups joined the war. Plus, they helped humans hunt for food.

And like I told you in fact #4: 

Akitas guarded the Japanese royal families too.

Are Pitbulls fighting dogs?

Pitbulls are fighting dogs. But originally, Pitties only worked as bull bait. 

That means these Fidos lure out big animals to help hunters.

However, that practice eventually got banned.

As a result, Pitbulls just worked as fighters. 

And that’s what Pitties became popular for. 

But due to this:

Pitbulls also have a poor reputation. And that’s something fur parents are still trying to clear today.