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Wolf vs Pitbull: Who Would Win In A Fight? (Updated 2023)

Wolf Vs Pitbull

Despite being great dogs…

Pitbulls still have a bad reputation.

But, they’re not the only canines with that concern. 

So, meet their wild cousins… 

And it’s no one but the big bad wolves. 

Now, what could happen if these 2 intense canines fight? 

Keep reading to find out:

  • Who wins if wolves and Pitbulls fight.
  • 5 vital differences between these two canines.
  • 3 crazy things you need to know about wolves vs Pitbulls.
  • And that’s only the beginning…

Wolf vs Pitbull: Who would win in a fight?

In a fight between a wolf and a Pitbull, the former mostly wins. 

And that’s thanks to the wild canine’s superior power. After all, wolves are much bigger in size. Especially when compared to the medium Pitbulls. 

Now, this doesn’t mean that Pitties have no chance. 

For example… 

Pitbulls could win against a wolf, but only if the latter is: 

  • Injured.
  • Weakened.
  • Old and sick.
  • Too young to fight.

Now, what if your Pitbull’s also a trained fighter?

Well, that could give Pitties better chances of winning. 

However, wolves have more tricks up their fur. 

And you’ll learn everything about them below:

Differences between wolves and Pitbulls

#1: Physical traits

At a glance, wolves are bigger than Pitbulls.

But first…

Let me tell you that there are 4 kinds of Pitties, namely:

  • American Bullies.
  • American Pitbull Terriers.
  • Staffordshire Bull Terriers.
  • American Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Now, with all these Pitbulls…

None of them are big enough to face a wolf.

To explain, just refer to the table below: 

Pitbull13 to 21 in (33 to 53 cm)17 to 21 in (43 to 53 cm)24 to 132 lbs (11 to 60 kg)
Wolf31 to 33 in (80 to 85 cm)39 to 62 in (1  to 1.6 m)66 to 176 lbs (30 to 80 kg)

With this, wolves are twice the size of a Pitbull. 

Plus, the former weighs much heavier too. 

Thanks to that, wolves have more power in their body. 

But what if a Pitbull faces an even bigger wolf? 

I mean, there’s the Mackenzie Valley Wolf. 

And based on a study

Mackenzies are the largest wolf breed today. 

They are about 32 to 40 inches tall (81 to 102 cm). Plus, Mackenzies weigh around 120 to 175 lbs (54 to 79 kg).

So, just imagine the smaller Pitbull facing a Mackenzie wolf… 

If that happens, a Pittie might even get killed in a fight.

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#2: Bite force 

Wolf Bite Force

As I said in fact #1: 

Wolves have more power. 

But just how great is a wolf’s force? 

First, an animal’s strength is measured by PSI. Now, that stands for pounds per square inch. 

And impressively…

Wolves have a bite force of 405 to 600 PSI. 

However, some people also theorize that: 

A wolf could bite much harder. Especially if they’re fighting for survival. 

Now, let’s compare their level to a Pitbull’s. 

You see, Pitties have a bite force of 240 to 330 PSI. 

Well, that’s only about half of a wolf’s average power. 

And with this great contrast…

It only takes 1 bite from a wolf to badly injure a Pittie.

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#3: Speed 

Aside from power, wolves are quick runners too. 

To be specific, they can sprint as far as 31 to 37 mph (50 to 60 kph). 

And you know what’s more impressive?

Research reveals that:

Wolves travel for about 30 miles (48 km) per day. Thanks to that, they have so much stamina. 

Now, could a Pitbull keep up with that? 

Unfortunately, they can’t. And that’s because… 

Pits only have a speed of 25 to 30 mph (40 to 48 kph)

With this, Pitbulls can’t even win a race versus GSDs.

Plus, with how athletic wolves can be…

It’s easier for them to attack first. 

Now, this leaves the poor Pittie at a disadvantage. 

Moreover, if it comes down to a long race…

Pitbulls would tire out quicker than wolves. 

#4: Teamwork 

Experts say that dogs don’t have a pack mentality. 

And that applies to Pitbulls too. 

Now, that means Pitties won’t see you as an alpha. Or anyone in your family at all. 

“How’s this related to a wolf’s fight with Pitbulls?” 

Well, that’s because wolves are pack animals. 

And that’s why they also have a ranking system. 

Now, how do these wild canines decide who deserves to be their leader? 

According to specialists:

Wolves test their power through play fights. 

And these wolves do that even while they’re young. 

So, what seems like an innocent game between wolves…

Actually turns out to be a form of training for a wolf.

Thanks to that, these wild canines can learn how to fight. And they do that with the help of their pack members.

Moreover, wolves usually hunt as a team 

If a Pitbull runs into a wolf…

Chances are, the rest of the pack will gang up on the Pittie. 

In fact, Pitbulls can’t even beat a lone wolf. 

So, what more if the whole pack of wolves fights a Pittie? 

Well, if that happens…

A Pitbull might end up badly injured. Or worse, the Pittie could even die.

#5: Survival skills

As we all know, wolves live in the wild. 

And out there, they need to hunt daily. 

After all, they don’t rely on humans. Unlike domestic dogs today.

Thanks to that…

Wolves have real fighting experience. 

They also have plenty of enemies, namely:

  • Bears.
  • Lynxes.
  • Bobcats.
  • Coyotes.
  • Cougars.

Now, these animals fight each other just for food. 

Plus, wolves are territorial too. 

That’s why they’re always on alert. 

So, with all these dangers around a wolf’s life… 

It’s no surprise that they have more survival skills. 

I mean, just compare it with Pitbulls. 

Nowadays, most Pitties aren’t even fighters anymore 

Which is a good thing. 

And Pits don’t have to work hard for food. 

Also, there are no enemies around for Pitbulls.

In that case, most Pitties can just relax.

But this pampered lifestyle takes away their combat skills. 

Plus, since most Pitbulls don’t get proper training… 

A Pittie stands no chance against a wolf.

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Are wolves fighting animals?

Wolves aren’t fighting animals. If anything, they’re more like fierce hunters. 

In fact, wolves prefer to avoid conflict. 

After all, some fights are just a waste of energy. And to wolves, it’s better to use their strength on hunting instead. 

Though, it’s true that wolves might fight each other. 

But when that happens…

It’s like a typical family argument. And these wolves will still be friends. 

Now, when it comes down to their rivals in food:

Well, that’s the time a wolf might fight to kill. 

For example:

Wolves tend to kill foxes and coyotes. 

But the thing is, wolves don’t eat them. Instead, they just leave their enemies dead. 

So, why do wolves fight to kill? 

As I said in fact #5: 

Wolves can be territorial. And to protect their food resources…

Sometimes, they have to kill their foes.

Wanna see a wolf pack in action? 

Check out this video. 

Warning: A coyote’s being attacked in the clip. 

Are Pitbulls fighting dogs?

Pitbulls are fighting dogs. But originally, they were first used by hunters. 

In the past, a Pitbull’s job was to lure out prey. 

And as their breed name implies: 

Pitties hunt bulls. 

But this sport eventually got banned. Due to that, Pitbulls turned to fighting instead.

Now, since these dogs were so good at combat… 

Many breeders kept using Pitties for dog fights.

However, just like bull hunting:

Those cruel games came to an end too. 

And today, dog fighting is illegal in many areas. 

But, the bad reputation of Pitbulls remains. 

Now, that’s something good fur parents are trying to clean up.

Though, thanks to a Pitbull’s history…

These dogs can be protective too. Especially if they want to save you from danger. 

In that case:

Pitbulls might die just to protect you from a wolf.