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Pitbull vs Coyote: Who Would Win In a Fight? (Updated 2023)

Coyote Vs Pitbull

Canines are 1 of the top predators.

But what if they have to fight each other? 

For example, will a dog like a Pitbull take down a wild Coyote? 

Continue reading to find out: 

  • Who would win in a fight of Pitbulls vs Coyotes.
  • 7 surprising differences between these two canines.
  • 3 impressive things you need to know about Pitbulls and Coyotes.
  • And so much more…

Pitbull vs Coyote: Who would win in a fight?

In a fight between Pitbulls and coyotes, the former might win when it comes to power. That’s because Pitbulls bite harder than coyotes. 

However, coyotes are fiercer than Pitties. 

And that means the former can fight more aggressively. 

Now, that’s just 1 of the many contrasts between these 2 dogs. 

So, to decide which canine is the winner…

Find out more about the…

Differences between a Coyote and Pitbulls

#1: Their height and weight 

Let me start with their size contrast. 

For one, coyotes are bigger than Pitbulls. 

And to make this easier, you can refer to the table below:

Pitbull13 to 21 in (33 to 53 cm)17 to 21 in (43 to 53 cm)24 to 132 lbs (11 to 60 kg)
Coyote22 to 25 in (58 to 66 cm)29 to 33 in (76 to 86 cm)14 to 46 lbs (6.8 to 21 kg)

Clearly, coyotes have the size advantage. 

And that alone makes these Fidos look scarier. And when fear strikes, their targets might lose the will to fight. 

Not to mention…

Coyotes are known for their piercing gaze. Even when they mean no harm, these wild Fidos just have a deep stare.

In that case, even the brave Pittie might run away from the fierce coyote. 

However, from the same table above…

You can also tell that Pitbulls are heavier than coyotes. With that, the former has more power than the latter.

So, in this round:

It all boils down to who’s brave enough to strike first.

And in this fight, that’s usually the bold coyotes.

#2: Coyotes run faster than Pitbulls

Coyotes have a running speed of 34 to 42 mph (56 to 69 kph).

With this, they’re even faster than other canines, like wolves. 

So, what about Pitbulls? 

Well, Pits could run as swiftly as 25 to 30 mph (40 to 48 kph).

But at that level, Pitties can’t even beat a German Shepherd in a race.

And in the wild… 

It’s a general rule that speed is also an advantage.

Thus, with coyotes being the faster animal: 

These Fidos can easily strike a Pitbull first. 

And when that happens…

The winner depends on what your Pittie would do. 

For one, Pitbulls can try to run away. Just like what I said in point #1. 

However, due to their slower speed: 

Coyotes can still catch up to a Pittie. 

But if your Pitbull tries to fight back… 

Well, the Pittie might win thanks to their heavier build. And that gives them more physical strength. 

However, coyotes have another advantage up their fur. 

And you’ll find out in the next section.

#3: Coyotes hunt in pairs

If wolves hunt in packs…

Well, coyotes might hunt in pairs. In fact, coyotes have packs too. But, they’re not as big as a wolf’s. 

Instead, coyotes only stay with their mate. Plus, they raise their babies in their dens. 

But wait, what’s this gotta do with a fight between Pitbulls? 

Okay, let me explain.

Since coyotes hunt in pairs…

Chances are, they’ll fight as a team too.

Now, Pitties are solo fighters. 

With this, your Pitbull can lose to a 2 versus 1 with coyotes. 

That aside, there’s a popular claim about coyotes too. 

And since it’s related to dogs, let me address it here: 

Many people say that coyotes trick dogs

First, the coyote befriends the domestic Fido. And then, they’ll lure the dog into their pack. 

From there, coyotes will feast on their victim.

Well, that sounds cruel. 

But the fact is, many studies prove these ideas are false. In reality, it’s just a myth that paints coyotes with human traits. 

You see, canines aren’t that evil. So, they wouldn’t trick their fellow dogs like that. 

With this, you might be wondering:

“Then, what’s the purpose of a coyote’s pack?”  

It’s simple. These wild canines are just like a normal family. 

Basically, mommy and daddy coyotes go out to hunt. And it’s all just to feed their puppies.

So, let’s say a Pitbull corners a coyote.

In that case, the coyote might retreat to their partner for safety. And they won’t do anything more than that. 

After all, they don’t want to endanger their puppies too.

So, in the end, coyotes will just move on with their daily lives.

#4: Pitbulls bite harder 

Pitbulls Bite Harder Than Coyotes

As I said in point #1: 

Pitbulls have more strength than coyotes. 

And by that, I’m referring to the dog’s biting power too. 

So, how strong can Pitbulls be? 

For one, Pitties have a bite force of 240 to 330 PSI. Now, that stands for pounds per square inch. 

And science says: 

PSI is used to measure how strong an animal can bite. 

That aside, let’s talk about coyotes…

Surprisingly, they only have a force of 88 to 120 PSI. 

With this, a coyote’s bite won’t do much damage to a Pitbull. 

Though, if a Pit bites a coyote, then the latter might get badly injured.

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#5: Coyotes are more aggressive 

Even though Pitbulls bite harder than coyotes…

The latter is still wilder than the former. 

By that, I mean coyotes are more aggressive. 

Due to this, coyotes tend to attack first, too. With that, a Pitbull can easily be caught off guard. 

And once again, Pits might lose the battle due to their fear

Now, you can say that Pitbulls won’t back down. I mean, they do have a fighting reputation. 

For one, many people say that Pits snap so easily. As a result, Pitties are banned in many places

But not all Pitbulls are fearless

Especially when facing a much bigger canine, like coyotes. 

Plus, most Pitties only behave poorly due to trauma & abuse. Or lack of proper training.

That aside, despite the fierceness of coyotes…

They still rarely attack humans.

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#6: Pitbulls are protective 

I did say that some Pitbulls might run away from a fight.

But here, the goal is to never generalize. 

After all, Pitbulls are very protective too. In fact, many of them are known as heroes by their families. 

So, with their loyal nature…

Most Pitbulls won’t run away from a coyote. Especially if they think their human is in danger. 

Thus, Pitties are willing to fight to death for your sake 

Meanwhile, coyotes are also the same. 

But, as I said in point #3:

Coyotes have a pack. And they have family waiting for them. 

So, if a coyote sees a chance to retreat during a fight…

Most of them would rather take it. 

“But what if the coyote’s also protecting their family?” 

Well, science has an answer for that:

Coyotes defend their babies. 

So, if they think a Pitbull is a safety risk… 

Then coyotes will chase the dog away. And these canines will fight to the death just for their families. 

Wanna see that in action? 

Here’s a clip of a Pittie saving their fur parent from a coyote. 

Warning: This is a sensitive video that involves 2 animals fighting.

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#7: Their habitats

Finally, let’s point out the obvious. 

First, coyotes live in the wild. And that’s the opposite of Pitties. 

While Pitbulls stay safe at home…

Coyotes are fighting each day. For example, Coyotes have foes like:

  • Bears.
  • Wolves.
  • Cougars. 

Plus, these wild Fidos hunt just to survive. 

Meanwhile, Pitbulls only have to wait for you to feed them

So, with this great contrast… 

It’s no surprise that coyotes have more skills. Especially when it comes to survival. 

And since coyotes face danger every day: 

These wild canines are more fearless. Which leads them to be more aggressive.

I mean, coyotes act that way for their safety too. 

By showing no fear…

Coyotes can scare away potential threats. And that saves their pack from danger.

In the end, this is why I said in point #1:

The result of this fight depends on who’s braver.

Will it be your Pitbull? Or the fearless coyote? 

Since every dog is different…

It’s hard to make a clear conclusion. 

Are Pitbulls fighting animals?

Pitbulls are fighting animals. That’s what they’re bred for. 

But before they became fighters…

These Fidos were used as bull-bait. And that means Pitbulls lure out big animals. 

Back then, bull baiting helps people catch prey for food. 

Or sometimes, they just use Pitbulls to hunt for fun.

But nowadays…

Dog fighting is illegal. As well as bull baiting. 

That’s why Pitbulls aren’t used in the fighting ring anymore. 

However, it still takes a responsible fur parent to guide these Fidos.

After all, Pits have a high prey drive due to their past

So, Pitbulls need proper training to control their instincts.

Are Coyotes fighting animals?

Coyotes aren’t fighting animals. If anything, they’re more like fierce hunters.

Now, even though they’re aggressive…

It doesn’t mean coyotes will attack everything in sight. 

But when it comes to their rivals: 

Well, coyotes can be more feisty. 

And if you’re curious about who these wild dogs fight…

Let me name their common enemies, such as:

With so many foes in the wild…

It’s clear why coyotes are fiercer than Pitbulls.