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Lion vs Pitbull: Who Would Win In A Fight? (Updated 2023)

Lion Vs Pitbull

Pitbulls are fighting champions. 

But can they win versus the rulers of the jungle? 

In this battle royale…

Let me tell you which animal is the real king.

Continue reading to find out:

  • Who would win in a fight of lions vs. Pitbulls.
  • 5 amazing differences between these two animals. 
  • 3 awesome things you need to know about lions and Pitbulls.
  • And so much more…

Lion vs Pitbull: Who would win in a fight?

In a fight between lions and Pitbulls, the former would win. That’s because lions have more power and speed. 

Plus, the smaller size of Pitbulls leaves them vulnerable.

But it doesn’t mean that Pitties have no chance at winning. 

For one, Pits can succeed if the lion they’ll fight is:

  • Old.
  • Sick.
  • Injured.
  • Too young.

“But what if a Pit fights a lioness?” 

The thing is, lionesses are strong too. In fact, they’re in charge of hunting. 

Plus, lionesses are faster than male lions. 

And yes, the female lions might be smaller than males. But a lioness is still bigger than Pitbulls.

Due to that…

A Pitbull won’t stand a chance against a healthy, adult lion. Regardless of the feline’s gender.

That aside, there are more reasons why lions are the winner.

Basically, it’s all thanks to the 2 animal’s differences.

And you’ll learn about them as you read on:

Differences between a Lion and Pitbulls

#1: Physical contrast 

First, let’s start with their looks.

So, as you can tell, lions are twice bigger than Pitbulls. 

To be specific, just check out the table below:

Pitbulls17 to 21 in (43 to 53 cm)13 to 21 in (33 to 53 cm)24 to 132 lbs (11 to 60 kg)
Lions43 to 47 in (110 cm to 1.2 m)48 inches (121 cm)286 to 418 lbs (130 to 190 kg)

With this…

A lion already has an advantage. After all, their weight alone gives them more power. 

And this applies to any lion, whether they’re male or female. 

But what if a Pitbull meets an even bigger lion? 

You see, some of these felines can grow larger too. 

For example, records from Guinness show that:

There’s this lion from Kenya that weighed 690 lbs (312 kg). Plus, that lion’s length was around 11 feet long (3.3 m). 

Now, if you compare that to the size of a Pitbull…

The canine doesn’t stand a chance at all.

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#2: Bite force

Since I mentioned power in point #1…

Let me also tell you how hard these animals can bite. 

For one, Pitbulls have a force of 240 to 330 PSI. 

Now, that stands for: 

Pounds per square inch. 

And that measures how strong these creatures could bite. 

But what about lions? 

Well, National Geographic says that: 

A lion’s bite force is around 1,000 PSI (4,450 newtons)

Lion's Bite Force

With this, their gap with a Pitbull is too wide. 

And with just 1 bite from a lion…

A poor Pitbull might be badly injured. 

But let’s give Pitties a fighting chance.

For example: 

What if the Pitbull tries to bite back the lion? Would the former hurt the latter? 

Unfortunately, Pitties can’t do much. 

You see, research states that: 

A lion won’t get injured so easily. After all, they have thick skin.

Thanks to that…

It might take a few bites before a Pittie could make a lion bleed. 

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#3: Lions have sharp claws 

Aside from their strength… 

Lions have another weapon. And it’s their blade-like claws. 

Now, Pitbulls don’t have that. In fact, no dog has sharp nails at all. 

In that case:

Lions can use their claws to strike a Pittie. 

Plus, using the feline’s power…

1 scratch might be enough to leave a dog in critical condition. Also, an attack on the face could leave Pits blind too. 

But why do lions have these razor-sharp claws? 

For one, these felines are fierce hunters. 

So, to ensure their prey won’t escape, lions use their talons. 

And now, you might be wondering: 

“Just how sharp can lion claws be?” 

First of all, these felines are a bit like your local cats.

But obviously, lions have bigger claws. 

And these talons are retractable. Meaning, lions can hide those nails. 

Now, once these felines are ready to attack… 

That’s when lions show their sharp weapons. 

So, how long can these talons grow? This journal has the answer:

A lion’s talon can reach a length of 1.4 inches (3.5 cm).

But why are their feline claws so tough? 

Basically, their claws are made of keratin. Which is the same protein you’ll find in your nails.

And if you want to see how these lions use their claws…

You can check out this short video:

Warning: Lions attacking another animal is shown in the clip. So, you should watch carefully. Especially if you’re not a fan of blood or wounds.

#4: Their agility 

Lions are big. But it doesn’t mean that they’re slow. 

In fact, these felines have a running speed of 49 mph (80 kph).

With that, Pitbulls can’t keep up with lions at all.

I mean, a Pittie can only sprint as far as 25 to 30 mph (40 to 48 kph).

See? That’s just half of a lion’s average speed. 

In that case, even German Shepherds are faster than Pitties.  

And you know what else? 

With a lion’s agility, they can land the first blow. 

Or, even if a Pit tries to run away from a lion…

These dogs still can’t escape. Now, that’s another weakness for Pitbulls.

Not to mention:

Lions have quite a bit of stamina too. 

So, even if a Pittie doesn’t give up in a fight…

They still don’t have enough power to take down a lion.

#5: Survival skills

Lions and Pits live in opposite worlds. 

And as you already know… 

Lions rule in the wild. Specifically, in jungles and savannas. Out there, these felines fight to survive. 

But despite being top predators…

It doesn’t mean that lions are always safe. 

In fact, they have plenty of foes too, like:

  • Apes.
  • Hippos.
  • Rhinos.
  • Giraffes.
  • Leopards.
  • Cheetahs.
  • Crocodiles.
  • Porcupines.
  • A group of hyenas.

Not to mention, lions tend to kill each other as well. Especially when trying to take over a pride

And that just means that lions are highly territorial. Thanks to that, they can be extra feisty. 

But wait, there’s more. 

Did you know that male lions drive out each other? This forces young lions to live on their own. 

With that, the lions face more danger every day. 

Now, with all these risks that lions deal with…

It’s no surprise that they have superior skills. Especially when it comes to hunting. And surviving in the wild. 

But what about Pitbulls? 

Well, these Fidos are also territorial. And that’s 1 reason why these dogs snap sometimes.

Though, Pits aren’t as feisty as most lions can get. 

Plus, Pitbulls live in safer habitats. And by that, I mean they’re staying at home. 

With you as their main protector. 

Not to mention…

These Fidos don’t need to work hard for food. 

With that, they’re not as active as female lions are. 

So, if you’re not letting your Pitbull exercise…

Then they might be too weak to even face the might of a lion.

And thanks to a Pittie’s pampered lifestyle:

Some of these dogs might let their guard down 

But of course…

This doesn’t mean Pits will lose their survival instincts. 

Instead, they’re just not sharp enough to compete with a lion. 

Especially if we’re talking about fighting a pride. 

After all, if lions see Pitbulls as a threat… 

Then the pride might work together to chase the dog away. 

And clearly, Pits won’t win against 1 lion. So, what more if the whole pride comes after them? 

Now, that puts Pitties in more danger. 

But here’s the good news: 

A lion won’t eat a Pitbull

In fact, they dislike the taste of canines. Especially hyenas, a report said.

So, if your furry pal runs into a well-fed lion…

Chances are, the feline will just walk away. 

Of course, unless the Pittie tries to attack the lion. In that case, a fight will break out for sure. 

But in the end, a Pitbull won’t win against the royal feline.

Are lions fighting animals?

Lions are fighting animals. Especially the males in their group. 

But the thing is:

Lions might fight each other…

Much more than they fight other animals. And that’s because of territories. 

In fact, lions kill cubs of other prides too. With that, they can reduce their future rivals. 

Plus, when there are other babies in the pride…

The male lion kicks them out once they’re grown enough. With this, the ‘king’ of the pride can be alone with the lionesses. 

But why do lions do such things?

That’s because lionesses pamper their king. And these feline ladies do all the work. Especially when it comes to hunting for food. 

With that, it’s no wonder lions compete so much to become king. 

Are Pitbulls fighting dogs?

Pitbulls are fighting dogs. It’s what they’re originally bred for. 

Though, before these canines switched their career…

Pitbulls helped humans hunt instead.

Specifically, these dogs baited bulls. Or other big animals too. 

But this sport eventually got banned. 

And that’s when the breeders started dog fights instead. 

Though, just like bull baiting…

Dog fighting got banned too. 

Thanks to that, the pups got free from their abuse. 

But the fight isn’t over yet.

Many Pitbulls are still used for fighting. Whether it’s legal or not.