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(9 Tips) Dog Eats Grass And Vomits Every Morning [2023]

Dog Eats Grass And Vomits Every Morning

Dogs are mainly carnivores…

So why is yours acting as if they’re vegan (all of a sudden)?

Surprisingly, your Fido chomped on some grass.

What’s going on? 

And why do they throw it up the next day?

Are those two things connected? 

It’s an alarming and strange behavior. 

But don’t worry. I’ve got the answers you need.

Continue reading to find out:

  • 7 reasons why dogs eat grass. 
  • 9 effective tips to stop this behavior.
  • 5 signs which indicate your dog’s vomiting isn’t normal.
  • And so much more…

Why does my dog eat grass and throw up every morning?

Your dog eats grass and throws up every morning because of pica. It’s a condition that makes them crave inedible things. But other reasons could also be boredom or dietary problems. Some dogs also do this because they just like the taste. And in rare cases, they’ll eat grass out of instinct.

Dog eats grass and vomits every morning: 9 vital tips

#1: Try a high-fiber diet 

Today… grass-eating behavior in dogs is still widely debated. 

But many people believe it could be related to Fido’s diet. 

So, here’s an example from one research

A male Miniature Poodle ate grass for 7 years. 

And during that time, he was vomiting every day. But as experts checked him, they found no concerns with his health. 

Still, they believed it was caused by a dietary deficiency

That means that Fido wasn’t getting all the nutrients that he needed.

And so, they told the fur parents to change the dog’s food. 

To be specific… 

They recommended a high-fiber diet for the Miniature Poodle. 

And after changing, the pooch stopped eating grass.

Not to mention, he didn’t vomit anymore too. 

“But how’s that possible if I feed them every day?” 

Try A High-Fiber Diet If Your Dog Eats Grass And Vomits Every Morning

I know. It can be confusing. 

The truth is, not all dog food will have everything your pooch needs. 

“But why grass out of all things my dog could eat?”

Apparently, these greens contain roughage, a.k.a fiber

So, why does your canine friend need that? 

Based on a study, here are the benefits of fiber for your pooch – it:

  • Helps improve their digestion.
  • Makes Fido feel more satisfied after a meal.
  • Supports the balance of their blood sugar levels.
  • Helps harden their poop in case of diarrhea or constipation.

All in all… 

This shows the importance of fiber in Fido’s diet.

Note: If you want to try this solution, it’s best to ask the vet first. As sudden major changes in a dog’s diet can lead to diarrhea.

“I have a question. Is my dog eating grass because I give them the same food each time?” 

Not necessarily.

Let me tell you a…

Fun fact: Science states that dogs only have 1,700 taste receptors. 

So, when compared to humans who have 9,000…

It shows your canine friend doesn’t taste food as well as you do. 

And that means… 

Giving Fido the same diet all the time is perfectly fine. 

#2: Use dog repellent scents 

For your canine pal, eating a small amount of grass once a day isn’t bad. 

In fact, even Dr. Stanley Cohren said in his study:

Dogs eat greens simply because they like them. And this behavior is normal for these furry friends.

But if Fido is eating portions of grass as big as their dinner…

Then that’s the time you need to step up. 

Because your pooch could end up with an upset stomach, which leads to diarrhea.

So, what can stop your pooch from grazing in your yard? For one, you could try scents that dogs hate. 

Oh, I know what you might be thinking. 

“Isn’t that cruel?” 

And that’s understandable. But don’t worry.

There are natural scents that are safe for Fido, namely: 

Most dogs hate the smell of things from this list. 

So, you can sprinkle these on the grass. And that could stop your pooch from munching on it. 

“But what if my dog actually likes their smell?” 

That’s true, some Fidos would love them.

There are even mint-flavored treats for dogs.

And if that’s the case, simply move to the next tip.

#3: Cut their access to grass 

I get it. Blocking Fido’s way to grass sounds like a basic tip. 

And most people would’ve already tried this. 

But there’s a reason why I’m bringing it up. That’s because your pooch could get poisoned if they keep eating grass. 

How so? 

Well, some areas could have pesticides on them. And these chemicals would lead to an upset stomach in dogs. 

But in worst cases, this could be life-threatening for your pooch. 

So, how dangerous can it be? 

Here’s what could happen to your dog, in case of pesticide poisoning:

  • Fainting.
  • Drooling.
  • Tremors.
  • Diarrhea.
  • Seizures.
  • Comatose.
  • Weakness.
  • Skin allergies.
  • Disorientation.
  • Sudden death.
  • Dilated eye pupils.
  • Excessive drinking.
  • Abnormal breathing.

Now, this list shows you why chewing on treated grass could be fatal for your pooch.

To add to that, some breeds have more sensitive stomachs

Also, Fidos like German Shepherds are escape artists. That said, they could easily sneak outside to chew on some plants.

So, to avoid any risks… 

You can try solutions, such as:

  • Covering the grass field.
  • Putting up higher fences.
  • Ensuring they can’t escape the house.
  • Asking people to watch over Fido if you’re away.

While most of these sound extreme…

This tip applies to fur parents with stubborn dog breeds

Meaning, they won’t stop grazing on plants. Especially when no one’s around to control them. 

But if Fido’s behavior is getting out of hand… 

You could use some training for your pooch. And that means correcting any unwanted behavior. 

No idea where to start? Try this great tutorial: 

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#4: Spend more time with your pooch 

Some experts believe that dogs would eat grass due to loneliness. 

So if you’ve been busy lately… 

Try making more time for your pooch. After all, your furry friend might have separation anxiety

And this is common in highly affectionate dogs. 

Which means they could get too attached to their fur parents. That said, some Fidos won’t know what to do when they’re left alone.

And to cope with their feelings… 

Some dogs would eat grass. 

You know how some people bite their nails when they’re anxious? Well, your dog’s habit of eating grass is just like that.

And while there’s not enough research to fully back this theory up…

Many fur parents still believe in this. 

All because of how loving their Fidos can be.

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#5: Give them toys to play with 

As I mentioned above… 

Fido would eat grass out of loneliness. 

But aside from that, they might also do it out of boredom. 

And if that’s the case…

The solution could be simple. 

And that’s to give them (new) toys to play with. 

For some ideas, you can try: 

Or better yet…

Spend more time playing with your pooch. 

That way, you’ll be fixing their loneliness and boredom at the same time. And tug of war is a wonderful activity you both can enjoy.

After all, to dogs…

No amount of toys could replace the presence of their fur parents.

#6: Don’t give them any treats 

Picture this:

Your dog starts eating grass. It makes you worry and you want them to stop.

You try telling them “No. Stop.” a few times in a firm voice.

However, it doesn’t work.

So you’re looking for a quick solution. 

All you want is to divert your dog’s attention. 

But what’s more interesting than chewing on grass?

Well… a dog cookie. 

So you call your dog’s name, luring them in with a treat…

“Success!”, you think.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but what you’ve just done can backfire. 



They were engaged in an activity. You saw them doing it and gave them a reward. 

Now, you might not see it that way. 

But your dog will think something along the lines of:

“Oh, my hooman gave me some delicious treat when I ate some plants. So if I do it again… I’ll get rewarded.” 

See how giving them food at the wrong time can send the wrong message? 

#7: Check for signs of an illness

There’s a popular theory that dogs eat grass if they’re sick. 

But many experts say this isn’t true. And one research found that only 9% of dogs were sick before eating grass. 

All in all… 

It’s still an open debate if Fidos eat grass cause they’re sick. Or the grass made them ill. 

But whether these theories are true or not…

It’s still best to check if your dog isn’ sick. 

And for that, check for signs such as:

There could be more… 

But these are the most alarming signs to watch out for.

And if you do encounter them in your pooch…

It’s best to get in touch with the vet. 

#8: Pay attention to their vomit and stools 

Now, if your Fido’s been eating grass a lot…

You must’ve noticed details about their vomit. 

But that’s not all you should pay attention to. 

After all, your dog might have diarrhea

To prove this…

Vets say that vomiting is a sign of diarrhea. 

But other symptoms also include: 

With that, you should also pay attention to their feces. 

And if you think your dog might have this problem…

Then you should visit the clinic immediately.

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#9: Let them be


The best thing you can do is… nothing. 

“Isn’t that irresponsible?” 

It sounds like it, but in reality, it’s not. 

As I mentioned above…

Many researchers found that eating grass is quite common in dogs. 

And if they do it for a little fiber, it’s also not that harmful. 

Moreover, in some cases…

Fidos will also munch on plants due to instincts. 

“What does that mean?” 

Apparently, since they’re descendants of wolves, a.k.a wild dogs…

They’d eat anything to survive in nature. And if there’s no food, some of them would just eat grass. 

All in all…

If the field in your area is safe and clean, then just let your pooch have a bite. 

And even if they throw it up, that’s also fine. 

In fact, it could truly relieve some discomfort in their bellies too.

In the end, your dog might just like the taste of grass.

And if you still have any doubts…

You can always consult a professional.