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7 Real Reasons Why Dogs Are So Nice (#3 Will Surprise You)

Why Are Dogs Nice

You’re walking outside… 

Then a dog runs up to you. 

Tail wagging…

And it looks like they’re smiling. 

Since they’re too cute, you give them a head pat.

After that, Fido happily walks away.

Aww, what a sweetheart. 

But that makes you wonder…

Why are dogs so nice? 

Continue reading to find out:

  • How humans became friends with dogs.
  • 5 nicest dog breeds in the world (#9 is very popular).
  • 7 real reasons why dogs are so nice (#3 will surprise you).
  • And so much more…

Are dogs nice because we feed them?

Dogs are nice because you feed them. But that’s not the only reason. After all, some dogs can still be aloof even after they accept your food. 

Though, for most Fidos…

Finding food on their own isn’t an easy task anymore. 

Especially now that they’re domesticated. 

So if you give them any kind of food…

These dogs will remember your kindness. Thus, they’ll stop seeing you as a threat. 

But that’s only the beginning… 

You see, dogs have more reasons to be nice to you. 

And you’ll learn about them below.

Why dogs are so nice – 7 reasons

#1: Dogs are social animals

As most fur parents know…

Dogs are social animals. 

And that’s why they can be nice to anyone. Not just humans.

“But why do dogs need to be social?” 

That’s because of their ancestry.

As most scientists believe, dogs came from wolves. 

That said…

These wild Fidos live together in packs. As a team, they hunt and survive better.

And that’s why your little pooch likes being close to others. 

Since they might feel stronger when bonding together.

“So, does that mean they’re only using me for food?” 

Not at all. 

Like I said in the intro…

Dogs aren’t always using you for food. 

In fact, this news journal reports:

Dr. Clive Wynne, a canine expert, says that dogs are love. 

To explain what it means… 

Dr. Wynne stated: 

Whoever your furry friends grow up with, Fidos would learn to love them. 

For example, if you raise dogs with a kitten…

Your pooch will love that cat. 

Or even if they grow up with horses, goats, birds, or ducks. 

Whoever it is…

Dogs tend to form healthy bonds with others. They’re very accepting, no matter who you are. 

And that’s because Fidos love companionship.

So even if you don’t have anything to offer, like food… 

Most dogs will still stay by your side, through thick or thin.

#2: Some breeds are friendlier than others

Dogs Are So Nice Because Some Breeds Are Friendlier Than Others

Like humans…

Every dog might also have a different personality.

That said…

Some canine breeds tend to be friendlier than others.

And maybe they’re the reason why you think dogs are so nice.

To give you an idea…

Here are some of the nicest dog breeds today:

  • Pugs.
  • Corgis.
  • Boxers.
  • Vizslas.
  • Beagles.
  • Poodles. 
  • Labradors.
  • Shih Tzus.
  • Retrievers.
  • Samoyeds.
  • Great Danes.
  • Terrier breeds.
  • Border Collies.
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Now, these 14 Fidos are the most popular ones.


This doesn’t mean they’re the only friendly dogs in the world.

Most Fidos are kind, but some of them simply stand out more.

But what if you mix them together?

Well, the result would be an even nicer pooch. Like BeDanes, for example.

“Why are these dog breeds friendlier than others?” 

For one, it’s just natural in their genes. 

And the other reasons are: 

  • These Fidos often become therapy dogs.
  • They have more experience with humans.
  • The canines on this list are more sensitive.
  • Some of them are usually trained to be service dogs.

With these, it shows why other furry friends can be extra kind.

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#3: Being nice is in their DNA 

As I mentioned above…

Being nice is in your dog’s genes. 

To be specific, Fidos have DNA such as:

But what do those genes do, you asked? 

Science says they’re linked to a rare disorder. 

And I’m referring to Williams-Beuren Syndrome (WBS).

“What is it?” 

It’s a genetic disorder in humans. 

Doctors also say that when a person has WBS, they become more:

  • Social.
  • Outgoing.
  • Friendlier. 
  • Easily distracted.
  • Interested in others.

Thus, scientists believe: 

Dogs evolved to have similar genes found in humans with WBS. 

“But why would Fidos do that?” 

Well, this isn’t something canines choose to do. 


Experts think that it’s all due to domestication.

To be more compatible with humans…

Dogs knew that they needed to be friendlier. 

And this fits Dr. Darwin’s phrase, “Survival of the fittest.” 

That’s from the 5th edition of his book: Origin of Species.

But in a dog’s case…

They learned that friendliness is key to survival.

Thus, Fido’s genes evolved to become the fittest in the eyes of humans.

If you’re curious how people befriended dogs in the past…

You can watch this popular theory: 

#4: Fidos love receiving affection


The reason behind Fido’s kindness isn’t as deep as you’d expect. 

By that, I mean dogs can be simple. 

They’re content to receive affection. 

And what’s the best way your pooch could get that? 

Nothing but behaving. 

So by being nice… 

Most dogs are loved by their fur parents. Or even other animals. 

For example…

Have you ever met a clingy pooch

You could give them belly rubs for minutes…

But they’ll start barking at you when you stop. 

As if they’re saying:

“Hooman! Why’d you stop? Give me more love and attention.” 

Meanwhile, other Fidos want to cuddle all day

With this…

It shows you that dogs want more than just food from their fur parents.

#5: They get rewarded for their kindness

This one’s quite close to reason #4. 

Basically, Fidos think you’re rewarding their nice behavior. 

Let’s say… 

Your pooch licked your hand when you came home. 

You thought that’s cute. 

“Aww, how sweet. Here, have a treat for being a good fur baby.” 

Sounds familiar for many dog parents out there, huh? 

Well, that’s not a bad thing. 

But since you wanted an answer to why dogs are so nice…

Let me explain this type of interaction.

It’s called operant conditioning

And many dog trainers know about this. 

Simply put, it’s like positive reinforcement. 

When you want your pooch to do something good…

You’d train Fido and give them a treat as a reward.

Now, most dogs would remember that as a nice thing. 

“Oh, when I did this… I got a treat for it. So I’ll do it again next time.” 

That’s what your pooch could be thinking about…

“So in the end, it’s still about food then?” 

Not really. 

In fact, a study reveals:

Some dogs prefer praises over treats. 

And this means they’re happy enough to please you.

To your furry friend…

Your compliment’s worth ten treats.

#6: You make them feel safe

Some dogs are nice because you make them feel safe. 

And that’s why you’d wonder…

“Why does the neighbor’s dog like me so much? They rarely see me.” 

…Or something similar to that. 

Well, there’s a popular theory that explains this behavior. 

Apparently, dogs are great at reading people. And science has been trying to prove this idea.

In fact, there’s one research that reveals: 

Dogs can tell when people are lying to them.

And that’s just how clever these furry pals can be. 


Another study shares: 

Fidos remember how other people treat their fur parents

Let’s say you helped your neighbor once. 

Maybe to move some stuff or clean something.

And their sweet pooch saw what you did. 

Now, they’ll know you’re a good hooman. From there, Fido will know they’re safe around you.

So in this case…

If a pooch’s nice to you, then that tells something about you. 

And that means you’re a kind person in Fido’s eyes.

#7: Dogs can smell your emotions

I have a secret to tell you…

You see, your dog has a super paw-er.

“Wait, really?”

Fun fact: Dogs can smell your emotions.

“How does my pooch do that?”

First of all, let me tell you about pheromones.

These are chemicals that your body releases.

And it has a unique scent.

This means you smell different based on your mood.

That said…

Science reveals:

Dogs can smell your pheromones.

And that’s how Fido can read your emotions.

“But what does this have to do with their kindness?” 

By remembering your scent in every mood…

Fido could tell whether you’re sad, angry, or happy. 

And that’s why these furry friends seem to know how to comfort you. 


A study claims that canines react uniquely to tears. 

They approach a sad person and appear to give comfort.

Notice how some dogs start sniffing you more than usual? Especially when you’re sad or about to cry? 

It’s like their way of saying:

“Hey, I can smell that you’re upset. Are you okay?” 

Now, for humans…

Receiving comfort in hard times is a special thing.

And that’s why some dogs seem so nice. Because they understand you even if you hide your true feelings.

Plus, this also explains reason #6. 

Apparently, dogs can sniff out their friends or foe.