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13 Most Popular Japanese Chin Mixes (w. Photos 2023)

Japanese Chin Mixes

Looking for a new pooch to brighten up your day? 

Chin up, the Japanese Chin would love to meet you.

This uncommon but royal Fido is a charming lapdog. 

And you’d be more impressed when they’re mixed with another breed….

So, let me introduce the best Japanese Chin combinations today.

Continue reading to learn: 

  • 3 cutest Japanese Chin crosses.
  • 5 fun facts and trivia about Japanese Chins.
  • 13 most popular Japanese Chin mixes (with photos).
  • And so much more…

3 most Japanese Chin mixes

#1: JaChon 

First on the list… we have JaChon. 

This fluffy pooch is a cross between a Bichon Frise and a Japanese Chin.

With their small size and loving personalities… 

This mixed breed is one of the best lap dogs you could find.


Both parents of this pooch are small in size. 

Thanks to that, JaChons are as tiny as a little toy bear. 

And to make it easier, check their average height and weight below:

8 to 11 inches (20 to 30 cm)1.4 to 6.8 kg (3 to 15 lbs)

Now, aside from their size…

JaChons could have 2 different head shapes. And they’re either like an apple or a small triangular one. 

That said, JaChons could have single coats or double-layered ones. And that depends on their dominant parent’s genes. 

To add to that, their fur could be long and straight. Or they could be thick and curly.

Moreover, JaChons could have colors such as:

  • Red.
  • White.
  • Black.
  • Fawn.

Also, this hybrid could have small round eyes. Or they could be big, almost like they’re sticking out. 

And since both parent breeds fall under the brachycephalic group… 

JaChons tend to have a flattened nose or a squashed face. These are the qualities of dogs that fall under the said group.


This mixed pooch has a bright personality. They’re always cheerful while keeping an elegant composure. 

That said, they’re highly affectionate. But some of them could be a bit independent. 

Also, JaChons could have a spunky side. 

And some of them could be wary of strangers. 

Lastly, there’s one downside of this mix. 

And that’s the Bichon Frise’s sensitivity. This means this Fido could be prone to separation anxiety

With that, some JaChons won’t like being home alone for long hours. 

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#2: Chin-Wa

Chin-Wa is a cross between a Japanese Chin and a Chihuahua

And both breeds are popular among celebrities. 

With Chihuahua being the #1 go-to fur baby of many celebs, namely:

  • Madonna.
  • Hilary Duff.
  • Paris Hilton.
  • Britney Spears.
  • Marilyn Monroe.

And probably even more.

But did you know? Japanese Chins are also considered royal dogs, based on the AKC

Trivia: The Chins were gifted to the Japanese emperor in 1000 AD. Being noble dogs, these Fidos were pampered a lot. 

But wait, there’s more.

Fun fact: Queen Alexandra of Denmark once owned 261 Japanese Chins. 

And this shows that Chin-Was are dogs with popular and royal ancestry in them.


Chin-Was have apple-shaped heads and flat faces. Moreover, they also have big protruding eyes. 

But as a mix, they could have 3 different types of ears. 

For one, they could be long and floppy. Next, their ears could be erect and pointy as well. 

Or it could be a combination of both. 

That said…

You may have seen other dogs with only one ear standing up. And that’s common in mixed breeds like Chin-Was.

That aside, this pooch could grow up around:

6 to 11 inches (15 to 27 cm)1.3 to 6.8 kg (3 to 15 lbs)

Other than this…

Chin-Wa could also have short or long coats that come in colors such as:

  • Red.
  • Gold.
  • Fawn.
  • Black.
  • Sable.
  • White.
  • Cream.
  • Tri-color.
  • Chocolate.

And these are the common ones you can find in this mixed pooch.


Chin-Was are lively little dogs. 

Plus, they tend to be brave and cautious

With that, don’t underestimate their tiny appearance.

“They’re small but terrible.” 

…Is a phrase that many people use to describe a Chi. 

And there’s a good and bad side to that. 

For one, Chin-Was can inherit a Chi’s mean personality

But that’s just a stereotype about these small dogs. 

The reality is… 

Chihuahuas can have reasons to be aggressive. And like most dogs, they only need proper training to fix that problem. 

So, once you get that out of the way… 

You can ensure that your Chin-Wa would be a clingy, sweet, and devoted little pooch.

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#3: Japeke


By crossing the Japanese Chin and Pekingese, you get a Japeke. 

Both breeds have Asian origins, making them oriental dogs.

And with that, Japekes inherit their courageous traits.


Japekes are as small as your average toy breeds. 

With that said… 

Their height and weight are just like the previous mixes on this list. 

Other than that, both parent breeds share an identical look. 

Thus, they’ll have similar traits, such as:

  • Flat faces.
  • Short legs.
  • Droopy ears.
  • Big round eyes.
  • Long, thick coats.

Their only difference is that Pekingese tend to have much thicker fur. 

And that’s become part of their signature look. 

They’ll don a lion’s mane fit for a royal pooch. 

As both Pekingese and Chins were once companions of the royal families.

So, if you ever adopt a Japeke…

You can expect them to grow so much hair, you’ll have a little canine lion at home.


Japekes are sweet with their families.

But they could be aloof with strangers. 

I suppose you can say…

It’s like the snob personality of royalties. 

And with that, some Japekes could be aggressive with others. Though, that’s something that training could fix or handle. 

Moreover, Japekes also have a stubborn side to them. 

So, don’t expect this pooch to be easy to train. 

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#4: Boston Chin

This next mix is between a Boston Terrier and a Japanese Chin. 

While both dogs are small…

These two breeds have different coats and personalities. 

But that’s part of the surprising charm of a Boston Chin.


This pooch still has an apple head. But as a mixed breed, they could have the pointy ears of a Boston Terrier. 

Meanwhile, this Fido can be a little bigger than the others from this list.

That said, here’s how big a Boston Chin could grow:

8 to 17 inches (20 to 43 cm)1.3 to 25 kg (3 to 55 lbs)

Note: Boston Terriers have 2 sizes. And they’re small or medium. 

Depending on the parent’s size, a Boston Chin’s height and weight could vary.

Aside from that, Japanese Chins have thick coats. 

And Bostons have short, smooth ones. With that, their offspring could inherit either one of those coat types.

But if they do take after a short fur…

Their pattern would be that of a tuxedo, just like the Boston Terrier’s coat.


Boston Chins are outgoing dogs. And they’ll always be in high spirits. 

This pooch would love to befriend others… 

Whether they’re a fellow furry animal or another hooman.

And with their kind nature, Boston Chins are obedient Fidos. 

So, training them could be a breeze for most fur parents.

#5: Chineranian 

This 5th dog is a Pomeranian mix. 

Which is a tiny pooch with the face of a fox. 

And if you pair that with the Japanese Chin…

You get an even cuter, walking ball of fluff.


Chineranians are thick-coated dogs. 

Also, other than the common fur colors of a Chin…

This hybrid could also have rare ones such as blue and gray.

And since both parents of this Fido are tiny… 

Their size is similar to most of the other mixes on this list.

But aside from that, they have one noticeable difference. And it’s the triangular head of a Pom. 

Now, some people might think they look like other flat-faced dogs…

But research reveals that Pomeranians aren’t considered as one. 

And that’s all because of their mildly short muzzles. 


Chineranians are energetic and playful Fidos.

With that, they make great companions for families. 

But like other small dogs, this mix is brave and bold. 

Simply put, they don’t seem to act like their own size. That said, they won’t back down against bigger dogs. 

And that’s why some Chineranians tend to bark often. 

Have trouble with non-stop barking? You can learn how to stop it here: 

#6: Japillon

Japillon is another hybrid toy dog. 

And this pooch is a mix between a Japanese Chin and a Papillon. 

With that, you get a social Fido packed with lots of energy.


Japillons are small dogs that have long, thick coats. 

Moreover, their colors are the same as a typical Chin. Meanwhile, the shape of their heads is that of an apple. 

Though, a Japillon’s ear could have two different types. 

For one, they could be big and pointy like a Papillon’s. Or they could be droopy like a Chin’s. 

If they take after Papillon’s pointy ears… 

Then you’ll have a surprising and unique look in your pooch.

With that said, Papillons have ears that are described as butterfly wings. They spread wide and flow beautifully. 

But all in all… 

The looks of a Japillon still depend on the dominant parent’s genes.


Japillons have high energy levels. 

They’re gentle and have the heart of a kid. Thus, they’ll always play and approach you with a smile on their face.

With that, they make great companions for all families. 

Though, Japillons can be too friendly. That said, they’ll even approach strangers. 

So, you might want to keep a close eye on this pooch

Cause if not…

Next thing you’ll know, they might’ve already befriended the entire neighborhood.

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#7: Chin-Ocker

This pooch is a mix between Cocker Spaniels and Chins. 

Now, this one’s bigger than other breeds on this list. 

And that’s thanks to the much longer bodies of Cocker Spaniels.


Chin-Ockers could grow between small and medium. 

And that’s because of their mom and dad’s size difference.

That said, here’s a glance at their possible growth:

7 to 16 inches (20 to 43 cm)14 to 35 lbs (6.8 to 16 kg)

Aside from that…

Chin-Ockers could have the following traits:

Inherited looksCocker SpanielJapanese Chin
Head shapeA bit long and roundApple head
EyesRound or almond-shapedBig, protruding eyes
CoatThick, long, and curlyLong and straight

With this chart, you can tell which furry parent your Chin-Ocker took after. 


This pooch could have the common colors of Chins. 

Or they could inherit some unique ones from Cocker Spaniels. And they’re colors such as blue and liver roan.


Chin-Ockers are affectionate Fidos. 

They’d love to cuddle with you at all times. That said, they’d enjoy doing lots of activities with your family.

Not to mention, they’re always playful and friendly. 

Plus, this pooch is intelligent and alert. 

How so?

Trivia: The AKC says that Cocker Spaniels are the first cancer-sniffing dogs. 

These Fidos have powerful noses. That said, they’ll smell things that humans can’t

And to add more…

Cocker Spaniels are the 20th smartest dogs in the world. That’s based on Dr. Coren’s study. You’ll find more details in his book: “The Intelligence of Dogs.”

All in all, this shows how Chin-Ockers are amazing Fidos. 

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#8: Japug


Japug is a cross between the Japanese Chin and Pug. 

This hybrid may be small as the rest…

But they’ll surprise you with their big personalities. 


Japugs could have a barrel-like body if they take after their Pug parent. That means they’ll look bulky with a wide chest. 

Aside from that, both parents of this pooch are flat-faced dogs. 

Thus, Japugs have short snouts and big, bulging eyes.

Meanwhile, the coat of this hybrid can have two types. And it’s either long or short. 

If the pooch takes after their Pug parent…

They’ll have the same black mask marking on their face and ears. 


The ears of Japugs could be set high and folded over like Pugs. Or they could be big and droopy like Chins.

That aside, the tail of this hybrid could be straight or curled. 


Japugs have a mischievous side to their personality. 

And apart from the gracefulness of Chins…

This pooch could inherit a Pug’s goofiness. 

Also, this Fido could be stubborn at times. But it doesn’t take away their cleverness. 


Both parents of this pooch aren’t the sensitive types. Pugs and Japanese Chins have low separation anxiety

Thanks to that, they’re perfect for fur parents that have quite a busy lifestyle.

But aside from that…

Japugs are typically laidback and quiet. Thus, they’ll enjoy sharing lots of nap times with you or your family.

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#9: Chin Crested 

The Chin Crested is a unique and rare mix.

And they’re a cross between the Chinese Crested dog and the Japanese Chin.

Trivia: Theories believe that these dogs didn’t come from the countries in their names. 

Instead, Chinese Cresteds are from South Africa. Meanwhile, Japanese Chins are from China.


Tiny and slim, that’s how Cresteds are built. 

Thus, this hybrid could look the same and remain as small as ever. 

Also, there are 3 kinds of Chinese Crested dogs, namely:

  • Hairless.
  • With hair.
  • Combination of both.

And since hairless is the most popular type of Chinese Cresteds… 

Your hybrid pooch could achieve a truly exotic appearance. 

Moreover, they could have spots on their skin if they’re hairless. 

Plus, the ears of Chin Cresteds can also be erect and pointy. 

And if they grow a lot of hair in that area…

They’ll form a butterfly-shaped ear, much like a Japillon.


Some people are afraid of exotic animals.

But with Chin Cresteds, you’ll love their sweetness.

They’re always active and playful. And often in a joyful mood. 

Plus, they get along well with other animals at home. Though, they could also be alert. So, they might be wary of strangers at times.

That aside, this hybrid is perfect for laidback families. 

And for fur parents who love to snuggle, Chin Cresteds are ideal for you.

#10: Cava-Chin

Cava-Chins are outgoing dogs.

And they’re a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix.

That aside, this sweet hybrid fits well in any kind of family.


Cava-Chins are a little bigger than other mixes on this list. 

That said, here’s their average size to expect: 

9 to 13 inches (22 to 33 cm)11 to 18 pounds (4.9 to 8 kg)

Aside from that…

Cava-Chins tend to have round heads and floppy ears. They’ll also have big round eyes that make them look like teddy bears.

And while their coats are long…

Their fur could be straight like Chins. 

Or they could be wavy like a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel’s. 


Cava-Chins are graceful and gentle. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re not playful or outgoing. 

The fact is, this pooch is highly social. They’ll befriend anyone, even strangers. 

Moreover, Cava-Chins are confident and patient. Given that, they’re not afraid to learn any new task. 

And thanks to those qualities…

Cava-Chins are easy to train. Plus, they’ll get along even with children. 

On top of that, this Fido is very adaptable. Which means they’ll be fine no matter where you live. 

All in all, this amazing hybrid will always impress you.

#11: Havachin

Havachin is a mix of a Havanese and a Japanese Chin.

This is another pooch with a noble history behind them.

That said… 

Here are some icons that had Havanese dogs:

  • The famous author, Ernest Hemingway.
  • Napoleon III, the first president of France.
  • Queen Victoria of the historical Victorian Era.

And with that, you can say that Havachins are dogs of royalty.


Havachins are as small as most toy breeds. 

And while Chins have apple heads…

Havanese dogs tend to have rounder ones. Not to mention, they also have cute button eyes.

Moreover, this hybrid pooch has thick, long coats. And they can be silky straight or curly.

To sum it up, Havachins give off a teddy bear appearance.


This hybrid is loyal, gentle, and cuddly. 

That said…

Havachins could get deeply attached to their fur parents.

So, they’ll always follow you around. As much as possible, they’d love to be close to you at all times. 

With this, you can tell that Havachins have a sensitive side. And this makes them great emotional support Fidos. 

But that also means they won’t like being alone for hours.

That aside, this pooch is great with anyone, including kids. 

And it’s thanks to their calm and playful nature.

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#12: Chin-Pin

Another tiny dog with a huge presence is the Chin-Pin.

This pooch is a cross between a Japanese Chin and Miniature Pinscher. 

Fun fact: Experts gave Min Pins the nickname “King of the Toys.

And that’s a title that perfectly fits this small but fearless pooch.


Chin-Pins are very small. But their muzzles aren’t always the same. 

Thus, they could be flat like a Chin. Or short but pointy like a Min Pin.

Meanwhile, their coats and colors could also be different. 

That said, Chin-Pins could take after their Min Pin parent. And that means they’ll have short and smooth fur. 

Plus, their colors could be a strong pattern of black and tan. 

Moreover, this pooch could have folded ears and long, straight tails. 

And to clear some things up… 

You might’ve noticed that some Min Pins have pointy ears and short tails. But that’s only because of cropping and docking. 

Since it’s not their natural look…

Chin-Pins could have floppy ears or folded ones. 

All in all, it depends on the dominant parent’s genes.


Chin-Pins are energetic. They’re brave and would love to go on a lot of adventures. 

Also, they have an independent side. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re aloof. Instead, Chin-Pins are confident enough to approach you or others. 

And since they could have thin coats…

This Fido appreciates cuddles during cold weather. 

Overall, this pooch is smart, playful, and always active.

#13: Doxie-Chin

Lastly, we have a Dachshund and a Japanese Chin mix. 

For short, they’re called Doxie-Chin. 

This adorable, short-legged Fido is always full of love and energy.


Depending on the parent that they’ll take after…

Doxie-Chins could have a normal small body. Or they could have a long one, like a Dachshund.

And aside from having an apple head…

This hybrid could have a triangular one with a pointed snout instead. 

Not to mention, their coats could also have two types. And they’re either long and straight or short and smooth.

Doxie-Chins can also inherit a Dachshund’s short legs. 

And if they do…

Then fur parents must be wary of obesity as it can be risky for this Fido.


Doxie-Chins are independent. 

But they’re still loyal and alert. 

Sometimes, they might even follow you around like a guard dog. 

They’re quite protective. But they do have a playful side as well.

Moreover, this pooch could be stubborn.

And this makes them a bit challenging to train.

But all in all…

Doxie-Chins are devoted Fidos that could fit any family.