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Wolf vs Labrador: Who Would Win In A Fight? (Updated 2023)

Wolf Vs Labrador

Labradors are gentle dogs. 

So, what could happen…

If they end up fighting the fierce wolves? 

Will the sweet Lab reveal their brave side? 

I have all the answers that you need.

Keep reading to find out:

  • Who would win in a fight of Labradors vs wolves.
  • 5 amazing differences between these two canines.
  • Top 3 mind-blowing things about wolves and Labradors.
  • And many, many more…

Wolf vs Labrador: Who would win in a fight?

In a fight between a wolf and a Labrador, the former would win versus the latter. 

After all, wolves are much stronger than Labradors.

However, a Lab might have a winning chance as well. 

But that’s only if they face a wolf that’s:

  • Old.
  • Wounded.
  • Too young.

Though, it still depends if your Lab is brave enough to attack. 

That aside, there are more reasons why wolves win this fight. 

And it’s all thanks to the…

Differences between Labradors and wolves

#1: Wolves are bigger than Labradors

Starting with their physical contrasts…

These 2 animals differ a lot in size. 

And to picture this, you can refer to the table below:

Labrador28 to 33 in (71 to 84 cm)36 to 42 in (91 to 107 cm)55 to 79 lbs (25 to 36 kg)
Wolf31 to 33 in (80 to 85 cm)39 to 62 in (1  to 1.6 m)66 to 176 lbs (30 to 80 kg)

While Labradors aren’t small dogs…

They sure look tinier when compared to wolves. 

Not to mention, some wolves can grow bigger than that.

Meet the Mackenzie Valley Wolf, also known as:

  • Northwestern wolf.
  • Alaskan or Canadian timber wolf.

According to research

Mackenzies can grow as big as 32 to 40 inches tall (81 to 102 cm). And these wolves could be as heavy as 120 to 175 lbs (54 to 79 kg).

Thanks to a wolf’s much greater weight compared to Labs, they have more power than the latter.

#2: Labradors are gentle-natured 

Labradors Are Gentle-Natured

Labs are wonderful Fidos. 

In fact, from 2013 to 2021…

They ranked as the top 1 most popular dogs in the AKC survey.

So, as the ‘goodest doggo’ of all time…

Labradors clearly can’t win a fight with a healthy, adult wolf. 

After all, wolves are fiercer. 

And you know what else? 

They have a bite force of 405 to 600 PSI

“Wait, what does that mean?” 

That stands for pounds per square inch. And it measures how strong animals can bite.

“What about Labradors?” 

Well, Labs have a bite force of 230 PSI. 

And that score is still low. Especially when compared to wolves. 

After all, Labradors are gentle. So, it’s no surprise they don’t have such violent force.

In fact, Labs are even friendly to strangers

Thanks to that, many Labradors are trained to help with:

  • Mental therapy.
  • Rescue operations.
  • Guiding disabled people.

But, there are also many stories that say: 

“Labradors often bite their fur parents” 

So, how true is this claim? 

Well, Labs do bite people sometimes. However, it has nothing to do with their breed. 

If anything, these dogs will only bite when provoked. Or pushed to their limits. 

Now, that’s nothing like wolves at all. 

The thing is, these wild canines can strike at any moment. Even when you do nothing to scare them away.

So, if Labradors face wolves, the chances are: 

Labs will only bark at the latter. Or, some Labradors will even run away from the fight. 

With this, it’s clear who would win in a battle.

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#3: Wolves run faster than Labradors 

Since I mentioned running away…

Could a Labrador even outrun a wolf? 

For one, Labs have a speed of 20 to 30 mph (32 to 48 kph). 

And for a large dog, that’s actually impressive. 

Though, Labs aren’t even as fast as German Shepherds

So, how could a Labrador beat a wolf? 

I mean, wolves could run as far as 31 to 37 mph (50 to 60 kph). 

And that’s almost 10 times quicker than a Lab’s speed. 

In that case…

Even if a Labrador tries to run away, they’ll only fail. 

Plus, by using speed, a wolf can easily attack a Lab first.

And a journal also reveals:

Wolves travel daily for almost 30 miles (48 km). 

Thanks to that, they have more stamina than Labs. And that also makes wolves more athletic. 

So, if this fight turns into an endurance race…

Labradors will be in more danger. 

And the fight will end with wolves cornering the tired Labs.

#4: Wolves have real fighting experience

We all know that dogs came from wolves. 

But many people are unaware that: 

Dogs, like Labradors, don’t have a pack mentality. 

That means Labs won’t see you as an alpha. Or any members of your family. 

And this idea’s supported by many experts too. 

Now, how’s this related to a Lab’s fight with a wolf? 

Since the latter lives with their pack…

They have more fighting experience than a Lab. 

In fact, research states that:

Young wolves test their power as early as possible

And these wild canines do that by play fighting. 

Now, in the eyes of humans…

It might seem like wolf pups are just chasing each other for fun. 

But you know what’s intriguing?

Play fight is their early training on how to hunt. Plus, it helps them decide the pup’s rank in the pack. 

And, if the young wolf’s really good at these games…

That’s a sign that they can be the next leader too. 

But would a wolf eat a Labrador?

Not at all. 

The thing is, most canines don’t eat each other. 

However, if hunger strikes…

Then that’s the time a wolf might turn Labradors as their food.

#5: They live in opposite habitats

Since Labradors live in safe homes…

These pups know nothing about fighting. Or hunting at all. 

If anything, Labs only know how to play with their fur parents

And even when they want to protect their families from wolves… 

Labradors just don’t have the right skills for that. 

I mean, their breed name says it all: 

“Labrador Retrievers.” 

At best, Labs can only retrieve balls and sticks for you. 

But what about a wolf? 

Well, as you already know…

Wolves live in a harsh environment

And these wild canines hunt for food every day. 

After all, they don’t have human parents to feed them. 

And you know what else? 

Wolves have a lot of enemies too, namely: 

  • Bears.
  • Foxes.
  • Lynxes.
  • Coyotes.
  • Bobcats.
  • Badgers.
  • Mountain lions.

Now, with so many rivals in the wild…

Wolves are always ready to fight. 

Thanks to that, their survival instincts are top-notch. And that’s why wolves can easily win against Labradors.

But, even if the latter can’t beat the former… 

There are still other dog breeds that could take down a wolf. 

And you can meet them in this interesting video: 

Are Labradors fighting dogs?

Labradors aren’t fighting dogs. In fact, they have no experience in actual combat. 

Sure, Labs helped hunters in the past. 

But, they’re not as fierce as other hunting dog breeds. Like Hounds or Terriers.

Instead, Labs mostly earned their name by: 

Helping fishermen retrieve fish. 

And sometimes, these Fidos would even dive into the water to catch food too.  

But nowadays…

Labradors are only raised as family members. That means these dogs don’t have to work at all. 

But, this might make you wonder:

“Why do people say that Labradors are the worst dogs?” 

Well, it’s typically due to their high energy level

After all, these dogs can be very playful. And for some people, that’s too hard to manage. 

Aside from that…

Labs also have a bottomless appetite. So, you’ll have more feeding expenses for them. 

Anyway, you might also want to ask:

“Could Labradors learn how to fight?” 

Yes, they can. 

Like many dogs, Labs only need proper training. 

However, this idea isn’t encouraged at all. 

That’s because it can promote unwanted habits in your Lab.

For example, a Labrador might turn aggressive

And you wouldn’t want these pups to bite someone by accident. 

So, even if you’re worried about Labs fighting wolves…

The best answer is to avoid contact with the latter. 

How, you ask? 

Well, you can follow some of these tips: 

  • Keep an eye on wolf warning signs.
  • Don’t leave your Labrador alone outside.
  • Use a leash when going out with your Lab. 
  • Don’t make sudden movements when facing a wolf.
  • Ensure that your fence is tall enough to keep wolves out. 
  • Check the ground for scratch marks. Those are wolf markers. 

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Are wolves fighting animals?

Wolves aren’t fighting animals. But instead, they’re strong hunters. 

If anything, these wild canines try to avoid conflict. As much as possible. 

And the only times they’ll pick a fight with other animals is when they: 

  • Protect their puppies.
  • Get rid of competition.
  • Want to defend their territory.

Now, it’s true that wolves tend to fight with each other…

But just like real families, that’s normal for these wild canines too. 

Still, this doesn’t mean that they’re friendly enough. Unlike your neighborhood dogs. 

The thing is, wolves are still wild animals. 

In that case, it’s hard to tell what they might do. 

So, never leave your Labrador alone outside. Especially if you live close to a wolf territory.